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krause food and the nutrition care process

Krause food and the nutrition care process

NCS2201 Older Adult Health

3 Sept 2014


OSTEOPOROSIS Prevention and Early Detection

Brown, D., & Edwards, H. (2012). Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing (3rd ed.). Chatswood, Australia: Else
vier Australia.

Inderjeeth, C. A., & Poland, K. E. (2010). Management of osteoporosis in older people. Journal of
Pharmacy Practice and Research, 40(3), 229-234.

Osteoporosis Australia. (2012). Retrieved from

TALK to Your Doctor TEST for Bone Density

Osteoporosis TREAT for Stronger Bones

Bone Health – Osteoporosis Facts and Figures

“Osteoporosis is a largely preventable condition” (A snapshot of osteoporosis in Australia, 2011).

Osteoporotic bone


with osteoarthritis in 2011-2012 (Australian

Falls Prevention
Osteoporosis is a bone health issue that can affect both men and women.

as well (Inderjeeth & Poland, 2010).

Bone is made up of a hard exterior with a semi hollow, honeycomb-like appearance inside. This ‘honeycomb’ gives the bone its strength and resilience.

Bone is continually being broken down

•Exercise can improve strength, balance and flexibility

To enable the body to do this, nutrients

•Wear comfortable, well fitting shoes

consider when it comes to looking after your bones.

•Ensure good lighting

There are things YOU can do to reduce your

Read the
information in this brochure and
discuss your bone health with your
Doctor or your
Health Care

For more information visit stayonyourfeet

chances of developing osteoporosis or reduce the impact of osteoporosis if you have been diagnosed.

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The information contained in this brochure does not substitute for professional medical advice.

•Low oestrogen levels (women)



•Conditions such as
inflammatory bowel disease and coeliac disease

•Medications such as those used for:

your risks.

If necessary your Doctor can refer you to a nutritionist, dietician or other professional.

Better Bones


Absorptiometry) scan. This is a painless test


Corticosteroids - used for
conditions and

•Chronic conditions such as:

•Weight/BMI—too thin or obese

(Brown & Edwards, 2012)

According to the World Health Organisation osteoporosis is defined as a BMD of ≥2.5

•Avoid negative lifestyle habits

Positive changes in lifestyle can have a
significant impact on your need for medication (Ewald, 2012). If your Doctor recommends medication to help prevent osteoporosis or a worsening of symptoms, take the medication as

(Brown &Edwards, 2012)

prescribed. If you have any concerns, discuss these with your Doctor.

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Causes of

Normal bone


The Balance of your Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition that involves
an increased loss of bone density and a weakening of bone tissue that can result
is the development and the maintenance of bone.

Postmenopausal women are most at risk

A healthy balanced diet

although men can develop osteoporosis as well (Inderjeeth &Poland, 2010).

bones need essential

that can affect both men and women.

strength, vitamin D and
regular exercise, especially

It is recognised that exercise is one of the
simplest ways of helping make bones as strong as possible Regular exercise is the key with

The development of
osteoporosis often has no warning
signs or symptoms and is usually a

limiting alcohol intake to no more than the
recommended intake will

exercise can contribute to the loss of bone density (cited in Ewald, 2012, p. 104).

that your bones are

showing the effects of osteoporosis.

also help to prevent bone density loss (Mahan, Escott-

sunshine. Supplementation should be discussed with your doctor or health care professional

(Ewald, 2012). How much sunshine is enough varies between seasons of the year and skin type. Darker skin requires longer exposure for the same benefit. See for more information.

(Brown & Edwards,
Page 4 The information contained in this brochure does not substitute for professional medical advice.

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