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planet and perfidy form the basis responsible mana

Planet and perfidy form the basis responsible management accountingd

1 points QUESTION 21.Which of the following is not a value based metric of management performance:a. return on investmentb. market value addedc. economic value addedd. net present value

1 points QUESTION 31.Which of the following is the most appropriate:a. one of the functions of budgets is to foster goal congruence in organisationsb. a budget is a difficult tool to use in order to maintain direction and control in the firmc. computing and spreadsheets are rarely used in the preparation and execution of budgetsd. budgets are not required for government and the not-for-profit sector

1 points QUESTION 71.From the following four statements, choose the best statement regarding sustainability management accounting:a. management accounting ought to focus on the finances and financial performance of the firm onlyb. metrics such as power consumption can be tracked and reported in management accounting reportsc. people, planet and perfidy form the basis of responsible management accountingd. sustainability is not the realm or the responsibility of the finance function

1 points QUESTION 91.Which of the following is incorrect regarding budgeting styles:a. In an authoritarian style of budgeting, unit mangers have little say in the targets that are set.b. A more participative-style budget process will produce a number of advantages including managers’ having more ownership in targetsc. In an authoritarian style of budgeting, senior management always set targets that are too difficult to achieve.d. A participative-style budget process can be time consuming and require greater communication between the accounting department and department managers.

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