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factor cost real and nominal gdp gdp deflator

Factor cost real and nominal gdp gdp deflator

Curriculum Plan

●Letter to the Editor
●Journey to the End of the Earth
●A Thing of Beauty
●The Rattrap
●Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

●Invitations and Replies- Revision
●Letter of Application with Bio-Data - Revision LITERATURE
● Going Places

Indigo ● On the Face of It
● Keeping Quiet



5. Biology

7. Psychology

Unit 2: Self and Personality
Major Approaches to the Study of Personality :● Psychodynamic Approach (contd…)
● Post Freudian Approaches
● Behavioural Approach
● Cultural Approach
● Humanistic Approach
Assessment of Personality
● Self-report Measures

Projective Techniques● Behavioural Analysis

8. Economics

JULY 2024

Unit 6: Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic

●Short-run equilibrium output; investment multiplier and its mechanism.

●Meaning of full employment and involuntary unemployment.●Problems of excess demand and deficient demand; measures to correct them -
●changes in government spending, taxes and money supply.


Unit 7: Current challenges facing Indian Economy

BOOK- Politics on India Since Independence
L-4: India’s External Relations
L-5: Challenges to & Restoration of the Congress Sys L-6: The Crisis in Democratic Order
BOOK- Contemporary World Politics
L-5: Security in the Contemporary World
L-6: Environment & Natural Resources
L-7: Globalization

10. Geography

Book II
Chapter 5 – Bhakti Sufi Traditions
Chapter 6 – An Imperial Capital: Vijaynagar
Book III
Chapter 7– Colonialism and the Countryside ( partly)

13. Fashion Studies

Self Management skills
Entrepreneurship Skills

Movie Editing Tools
Customizing and Embedding Multimedia Components in Web Pages


Food processing and technology
Food quality and food safety
Early childhood care and education
Management of support services, institutions and programmes for children, youth and elderly
Design for fabric and apparel
Fashion design and merchandising

Unit 1- Judiciary
Unit 2- Alternative Dispute Resolution in India Unit 4- Topics in Law II
Chapter 4A- Law and sustainable development Chapter 4C- Criminal Laws in India
Unit 5- Concept of Human Rights
Chapter 5A- Human Rights in India
Chapter 5B- Human Rights Violations- Complaint Mechanism

20. Physical Education

● Fundamentals of partnership

● Goodwill

1. English

• Comprehension Passage
●My Mother at Sixty-Six
● Tiger King
●Last lesson
●The Third Level

Concept, notation, order, equality, types of matrices, zero and identity matrix, transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrices. Operations on matrices: Addition and multiplication and multiplication with a scalar. Simple properties of addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication. Non Commutativity of multiplication of matrices and existence of non-zero matrices whose product is the zero matrix (restricted to square matrices of order 2). Invertible matrices and proof of the uniqueness of inverse, if it exists; (Here all matrices will have real entries).

Inverse Trigonometric Functions:

Definition, range, domain, principal value branch. Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions.

Halo alkanes and Haloarenes Alcohols and Phenols
Aldehydes and ketones

Unit-VII Genetics and Evolution:
Chapter-4: Principles of Inheritance and Variation

6. Biotechnology

8. Economics

Unit 1: National Income and Related Aggregates What is Macroeconomics?

MAY 2024
Unit 4: Government Budget and the Economy

Government budget - meaning, objectives and


Main features, problems and policies of agriculture (institutional aspects and new
agricultural strategy), industry (IPR 1956; SSI – role & importance) and foreign trade.

9. Political Science

Chapter 1 - Population: Distribution and Density Chapter 2 - Human Settlements
Chapter 3 - Land Resources and Agriculture Chapter 4 - Water Resources

11. Business Studies

Communication Skills
Basics of Garment construction History of Fashion

14. Computer Science

Book - Indian Society
Chapter 2 The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society Chapter 3 Social Institutions: Continuity and Change
Chapter 5 Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion (till Social Stratification)

Poster in three flat colours.
Rajasthani Miniatures.

19. Legal Studies

● Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet in
prescribed form with major headings and sub headings (as per Schedule III to the Companies Act, 2013)
● Ratio analysis

● Cash flow analysis.

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