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exporting preschema procedural objects and actions

Exporting pre-schema procedural objects and actions

750 Part IV ✦ Managing Oracle Data

Export table data (yes/no): yes > @@< 7

Compress extents (yes/no): yes > no @@< 8

Chapter 15 ✦ Reorganizing Data 751

1. USERID connecting to the database for the export 2. Password for user connecting
3. BUFFER size parameter with a default of 4096 bytes 4. FILE parameter indicates the export file name
5. TABLE or USER mode export
6. GRANTS export Yes or No with a default value of Yes 7. ROWS prompt to include table data
8. COMPRESS to compress table extents into one extent

If the export completes successfully, a file named sample.dmp will be located in the directory specified by the FILE parameter containing all the data specified by the export.

You can let Export prompt you for parameters by entering the EXP command followed by your username/password:


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