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create gantt chart gulf air answer

Create Gantt Chart Gulf Air Answer

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For the following project development scenario, find the list of main tasks & sub tasks and Create a Gantt chart in ProjectLibre software.

Gulf Air wants to develop a Flight Ticket Booking System. It is an online website project to make all flight booking processes online. This website application will have a home page which has the links to other pages for doing ticket booking processes. Flight search page allows passengers to search for the flights and book flight tickets online for a particular flight in the online ticket booking page. Passenger can pay online via online payment page for the booked tickets. Also booked tickets can be cancelled by the passengers by going to the ticket cancellation page.

  1. Give the dependency / predecessor activity for tasks when there is a relation between tasks. (2 mark)

  2. Enter the required resources (human resources & material resources) for your project activities. (2 mark)

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

  • Project Initiation

Define project scope and objectives

Design the website layout

Create wireframes and prototypes

Test the database

  • Front-End Development

Create ticket cancellation page

  • Back-End Development

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Conduct unit testing

Create user manuals

Develop FAQs

Conduct system testing in the production environment

  • Marketing and Promotion

Gather feedback from users

Prepare project documentation

Project Initiation 10 2023-10-10 None Project Manager, Team $X per day

Website Design 20 2023-10-20 Project Initiation Web Designer, UI/UX $X per day

User Documentation 10 2024-02-20 Testing and QA Technical Writers $X per day

Deployment 15 2024-03-01 User Documentation IT Operations Team $X per day

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