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chapter nineproblems the dry bulb wet thermometer

Chapter nineproblems the dry bulb wet thermometer reads

158 Chapter Nine


9.3 What is the relative humidity if the wet and dry bulbs in a wet/dry thermometer

read 75°F and 85°F respectively?

9.6 If the air temperature is 85°F, what is the water vapor pressure corresponding to

a relative humidity of 55 percent and at 55°F with 85 percent relative humidity?

to 95°F?

9.9 How much water does dry air contain at105°F and 55 percent relative humidity?

9.12 The two tubes in a bubbler system are placed in a liquid with a density of 1.395

slugs/ft3. If the bottom ends of the bubbler tubes are 3.5 and 42.7 in below the surface

of air under the same conditions is 0.0037 slugs/ft3?

9.15 A square plate 1.2 ft on a side is centrally placed in a channel 0.23-in wide filled

9.17 What is the pH of a solution, if there is a concentration of 0.0006 g/L of hydrogen ions?

What is the change in hydrogen concentration factor if the pH of a solution changes 9.18
from 3.5 to 0.56?

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