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Expatriate reward in HRM Homework Answers

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define Expatriate reward in HRM

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Expatriate reward, in the context of Human Resource Management (HRM), refers to the compensation and benefits package provided to employees who are working outside their home country, often referred to as expatriates or international assignees. These individuals are typically sent by their employer to work in a foreign location for a specific period, and they may require unique incentives and compensation structures to attract, retain, and motivate them for their international assignments.

  1. Tax Equalization: To ensure that expatriates do not face unfair tax burdens, some companies offer tax equalization programs. This means that the employer calculates the expatriate's tax liability in both the home and host countries and then compensates the expatriate for any additional taxes incurred due to their international assignment.

  2. Relocation Support: Companies may provide support for the relocation process, including assistance with visa and work permit applications, finding suitable housing, and cultural adaptation programs to help expatriates and their families settle into their new environment.

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