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and subsequently finished upon return the open uni

And subsequently finished upon return the open university the

Scientists seems appropriate, as it embraces both the explicit knowledge-based models that are retained from the first edition and the implicit numerical models represented by neural networks and optimization algorithms.

I hope the book will appeal to a wide readership. In particular, I hope that students will be drawn toward this fascinating area from all scientific and engineering subjects, not just from the computer sciences. Beyond academia, the book will appeal to engineers and scientists who either are building intelligent systems or simply want to know more about them.

The author

Adrian Hopgood has earned his BSc from Bristol University, PhD from Oxford University, and MBA from the Open University. After completing his PhD in 1984, he spent two years developing applied intelligent systems for Systems Designers PLC. He subsequently joined the academic staff of the Open University, where he has established his research in intelligent systems and their application in engineering and science. Between 1990 and 1992 he worked for Telstra Research Laboratories in Australia, where he contributed to the development of intelligent systems for telecommunications applications. Following his return to the Open University he led the development of the course T396 – Artificial Intelligence for Technology. He has further developed his interests in intelligent systems and pioneered the development of the blackboard system, ARBS.

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