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and social and human capital teaching review

And social and human capital teaching review

Autobiographical Learning Plan Assignment




List of Tables iv


Embarrassing 8

Role Model 9

Inspiration 11

Disappointment 14

Multiple measures in assessing readiness 21



Identifying the competencies are necessary for successful career goal (present and future) 35

Statement of current thinking and rationale concerning possible dissertation topics 48


List of Tables

Table 2 results for Question 2 17

Table 3 results for Question 3 18

Personal History

When I began this paper, I conducted some research to have a detailed understanding of my life history, and also it assisted me in embracing whatever I gained from the study. Learning about the families that from where they came from provides anyone a deeper understanding of life. Among the most critical factors to research are an individual's ancestors, as it may lead to discovering personality or even a clearer picture of my family's qualities and behaviors. Talking about my parents and ancestors, they had little or no education, but they were born in a good income background. They were originally from Mississippi, but due to employment, before relocating to Hawaii. They are highly religious, and every Sunday, we all go to church together for prayers. Since we were children, I have realized our faith has had different rituals and holidays within and beyond the family.

I rarely read novels until a few years ago. I'd convinced myself that they were boring and that getting through one felt like an effort. After reading an intriguing notion about the development mindset, I decided to shift my perspective and regard reading as a privilege rather than a need. I realize it seems like the typical self-help nonsense you're used to hearing but bearing with me. I started witnessing considerable changes when I got motivated to implement essential ideas from books into my life, and my personal and professional relationships have never been better. A book is just as excellent as the concept; you take it away from that too, and information that isn't shared dissipated, so here are a few ideas from books that have significantly influenced my life in the previous few years. The idea of "People don't care about you or me; they just care about themselves." When I discovered this notion was correct, it drastically transformed my social life. Everyone's number one priority is themselves, which is just incredible, but you must realize that you will not change. You'll observe a significant change like your discussions when you begin paying closer attention to individuals and thinking about how they've to say. Everyone enjoys talking regarding themself, so that the next time you meet a stranger, give people minutes of your undivided attention without disturbing them. I promise they'll believe you're one of the most engaging individuals they've ever met, even though they spent most of speaking. This notion blew my head the first time I utilized it in MBA conversations. Because I made the other person feel important, performing evaluations with kids became more engaging and conversational. I became a more well-known individual, and faculty members were more aware of me and offered more assistance. They also wanted me to collaborate on research with them since I was someone they believed could accomplish it.

The next concept is "the last of a man's freedoms is how he chooses to act in any given situation." Regardless matter how wrong a position you're in or how anyone abuses you, the very last thing you'll ever lose is the ability to choose how you react. When anything unpleasant happened to me, I used to overreact. I'd been irritated to the point of being unable to function. My thoughts would spiral out of control, and I'd be unable to concentrate on anything else until I calmed down. I made up the identical circumstance in my brain to excuse my overreaction and ignore the actual issue at hand: my apparent lack of emotional control. From this, I have learned and take a few seconds to think about how my response may affect others (Herry, 2020).

When I started college, I struggled to figure out what major I wished to continue, like every student. I've always been interested in healthcare. I aspired to go to med school, becoming a doctor, and treat patients because I admired and have a caring personality. I started my science classes with biology. When I started, I found that my biology was not that strong and felt that I had made the wrong decision by taking science as biology as my career path. After so many failed classes and underperformed, I feel demotivated and give up on my dreams. During my undergraduate Education, I decided to take a break to discover what I was strong at and what cheered me up. I am employed in the healthcare sector and divisions having business backgrounds. I decided that I am confident and in love with business administration in the healthcare sector. While finishing my bachelor's degree in science in chemistry, I pursued a bachelor's degree in nursing. I thoroughly liked my nursing degree and then went on to earn my MBA. I have three degrees from various institutions, and this would be my fourth. I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry, a bachelor's degree in nursing, a master's degree in business administration, and many other credentials. My educational background has shaped who I am as a person and my future objectives and ambitions. Despite some bumps in the road in my academic career, the information I've gained has proven to be critical in shaping my enthusiasm for learning and my interest in honing my skills and using them to make a positive impact in my society others' lifestyles. However, the educational system made it appear nearly challenging to excel in both the arts and sciences. Due to time constraints, students were forced to choose between arts and sciences. As a result, I chose the humanities program, losing touch with my capacity to comprehend precise sciences. I began to feel that I could not understand the finer points of science. As a result, I chose a university program that complemented my vision.

By that time, I had gradually realized that traditional schooling frequently teaches us to view ourselves in terms of our limits rather than our potential. We tend to make decisions based on the shortest and most direct path to success. Failure is punished in society, while success is rewarded. For an attempt, you will receive few or no points. We all want to be recognized for our accomplishments. As a result, we select the path most likely to lead to success, therefore limiting our options. The whole thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: do what you're excellent at, face minimal opposition, and reap the benefits. Conclusion: if you put up a fight (make an effort), you won't get the prize.

My parents and grandparents spring to mind when I think of a positive role model. The mother's concern, compassion, and care for minor details, gentleness, warmth, and patience all present me with an ideal example. At the same time, the father demonstrates that a man can be challenging and powerful while also being kind and attentive. My father used to get up at 5 a.m. and return home most times at 8 p.m., as well as my mother had always been waiting for him to be at meals. Father continuously informed us that he's doing as much as possible to give us a brighter future. He has never grumbled about just being exhausted or overburdened, and he's been doing it. My father's growth firms twenty years to become profitable. He demonstrated how perseverance, hard effort, and just facing difficulties could make you rugged and robust. The majority of children grow up hearing their parents repeat a motivating phrase. "If you want anything, you have to work for it," was my father's philosophy. It'll take a lot of effort on your part. It's not going to be simple. I believed I understood his saying, but it wasn't until I conquered my greatest struggle that I realized the whole meaning. As a result of everything I've learned from my father and mother, I'm on my way to being a better person.

Negative Role Model


Many people have a lot to learn from my history and background and get inspired by it. But for me, my father is my role model from whom I get inspiration and get motivated. He has encouraged me throughout my professional career, supported me, and has been there for me. He always inspired me and made me realize that I can achieve everything and succeed; do the hard work for achieving my objectives and goals. My mother, who is also my support system and played a significant part, role models possess distinct characteristics, such as being honest, hardworking, reputable, and endowed with an exceptional personality. My family has been very kind, courageous, and ambitious and educated me on characteristics via their behaviors. My family always seems to be courteous warm-hearted (Reflection Toolkit, 2021). One of the first challenges confronting a high school student in this situation is self-confidence. As a youngster, I'm attempting to find my footholds due to the chaos of physiological changes facing me. There's also the outside pressure to succeed and prove you. I'm one of those who get precisely the sort of guidance and support individuals need to develop the kind of personality and self-belief they'll want to get through one such stressful situation—the fear of falling short hovers depth from inside. My modern parents don't ever add to this stress upon me or force me to enroll in multiple study courses and examinations to make sure that I have a chance in this highly competitive environment. I have always learned from my family, or you can say that inspired by them. I'm not afraid to try new things. Enjoying thrilling adventures and significant accessories is about me. This is something I picked up from the media. The focus is on the business of selling young attractiveness and enjoyment. ― The implied theme appears just to be: possess and be joyful. All rely on how you've and how you seem to friendships, pleasure, enjoyment, and achievement. The volume of people, who become engrossed in the world of glitter and materialism, losing sight of humankind's more profound truths, is not insignificant.

My disappointments are my fear of emotion and how it has affected my life, failure to tear down walls. I gave up on many things I was enthusiastic about because I was afraid of failing or not receiving the desired outcomes. We utilize such setbacks to motivate and reaffirm that I can succeed in the week following my failure if I work hard enough. I worked hard to guide myself as well put the life stories to significant effect. It seems because I've been working at a greater consciousness level in the last few weeks after shrugging off my disappointment. I have a more incredible feeling of self-awareness and clarity about myself and my surroundings. Many things and weak points that I was unaware of have become apparent due to this experience. This has aided my personal development. It's a wonderfully liberating sensation, like if nothing could ever bring me down again. This sensation is freeing. If you've ever gone through a period of severe disappointment, you'll understand what I'm talking about. It's similar to what Henry Ward Beecher meant when he said, "One's best success comes after one's greatest disappointments," and also what Friedrich Nietzsche meant when he said, "One's finest success comes after one's greatest disappointments." Disappointment, irrespective of how I react, does have an enduring impact on self and develops feelings of inferiority and inability. Although I could complete my Master of Business Administration and pursue the DOCTORAL RESEARCH following overcoming difficulties, the challenges were obstacles. According to my perceptions and opinions, an individual's improvement challenge is a growth commitment that emerges at a specific point in a broad range of subjects—successful completion, which leads directly to success and satisfaction with subsequent life challenges. In contrast, failure leads to dissatisfaction in the family, social criticism, and complexity with the following developmental milestones.

Hobbies and Interests

Revelations Hopes and Dreams

I want to be a leader in healthcare because I want to encourage innovation and growth. I want to assist in developing influential teens, and one of the most important aspects is creating positivity in the workplace. Many Corporate leaders plan to make innovative methods in the previous era, particularly as empowering other leaders and employees to observe pattern problems that, for example, our hospital staff and management have been experiencing. I want to be a talented leader in theory and execution to have a positive change outcome, deal with conflict correctly while considering human emotions, and maintain a sense of balance across the company. Countless accomplished females inside the health profession helped lay the groundwork for females such as me. My ambitions are now being effective in the health sector since it is my specialty. Mainly in the future, I would choose to perhaps evolve into a CEO post and adopt a company's growth approach that we've never seen before, enabling us to take chances and allow different outcomes that are not always correct. I must be the one who deserves their rightful place by being impactful throughout respects that others haven't been capable of and providing chances for development and, particularly, achievement. I want to create things because I've always had a strong desire to do so after witnessing people fail at doing it. Being a capable leader is critical to almost any company's success, particularly true inside the healthcare sector. Healthcare institutions reflect the different procedures as a platform, skilled personnel, and leadership effectiveness that accomplish the healthcare sector's goals all over the nation. The global crisis has taught us how vital a healthcare leader is to make arbitrary decisions, and others could follow them. There must be leaders and managers in each company to develop skills over time, some of which are enhanced further; most are so complicated and not utilized in the healthcare sector. I believe that leadership is indeed behavior that each of our staff should possess to improve energy efficiency and organizational culture, which will lead to minimizing wrong decisions and promoting success. Over the years, I've witnessed firsthand how good open interaction in all operations could reduce or eliminate errors. Becoming a leader and operating in health coverage, particularly now, has changed the notion of management since the front-line managers and employers have gained importance in encouraging collaboration, purpose & ambition, including clinical management. COVID-19 seems to have had a significant impact on how I look at things now. Representatives have proven to be successful due to COVID-19 because, and although they didn't have a plan for that too, people have been confronted with not just the opportunities to support describe change and improvement inside of universal health care. Still, now we are privileged in that we would have assistance from the government and prior relationships.

Multiple measures in assessing readiness

Self-assessments are essential for understanding the strengths and weaknesses and are also vital to measure the compatibility for the roles and responsibilities that the ones want to explore further. Self-assessment is the capacity to analyze oneself to determine how far one has progressed. It's a talent that allows people to keep track of their work or abilities, identify their advantages and shortcomings, and self-diagnose appropriate remedies. Self-evaluation is just as essential for students as it is for professionals. Because this is something that almost every company does, you must understand how to do it correctly. It is vital for every professional's self-improvement and being a component of official employee assessment. Self-evaluation ensures that you are sure of your skills. It eradicates employment anxiety and fear. It enables individuals to choose the most appropriate jobs or educational services for them. For example, if we discover that you will be a socially anxious or antisocial individual, you may know that a career in marketing is not for you. It directs preparation in the appropriate path. You may pick the proper instructor or course that perfectly meets your professional demands after understanding your advantages and shortcomings. In career planning, this is one of the most crucial steps for validating personal reflection and clarifying the goals targeted. Researching oneself requires some clarity about the roles and responsibilities that need to be worked on. Hence, to build a concrete understanding, it is crucial to self-reflect about strengths and weaknesses that can hamper the processes of efficiently performing this responsibility (Andrade, 2019). Sometimes, the individual believes that they have clarity about themselves. To have a holistic view of themselves, the individual needs to understand how others perceive them, further refining their self-view. Therefore, to assess my readiness, I have taken up many MBA surveys and researching self-survey.

After taking the MBA survey, I have gained a lot of more profound insights into my knowledge and expertise. It was indeed an added knowledge for me. There were several subject questions where I have answered based on my gained knowledge. Through the result, I was able to draw my strength and weak areas.

Area of strengths

The results clearly show that I am good with the areas that involve people functioning, which indicates vital people management attributes. I can handle conflicts because of having conflict resolution skills, motivating and retaining them as having a solid area in people management. Besides that, I am equipped with the knowledge to handle my emotions and others by having emotional intelligence skills. As an experienced nurse who understands their patients' feelings efficiently, this is reflected in my high scores in international human resources. In cultural theories, I also understand the importance of cultural competencies and domains because of dealing with different cultures of patients and taking care of them equally. On the other hand, my weak areas involve quality management as I haven't worked in these areas, and because of lack of interest in this or lack of attention, the correlation between the two events and attributes needed for the learning organization.


  1. Agree

  2. Strongly Agree

  • How much do you think that your manager's communication skills need improving?

  • How would you rate your manager's honesty?

Sentimental Level Numerical Value Responses Total
Strongly disagree 1 0 0
Disagree 2 0 0
Neutral 3 1 3
Agree 4 1 4
Strongly agree 5 3 15


Adding the total above and dividing it by the respondent gives a score of 10, which is considered good; these scores clearly show that my staff sees me as an individual with high self-esteem. Self-esteem is just a measure of how happy you are with yourself. Self-efficacy is an important component of self-esteem. It's a sense of competence, of knowing you're competent at what you do and capable of making the outcomes you need as a manager. It has been seen that a leader with poor self-esteem is more likely to be controlling and micromanaging and act in ways that limit others' progress and opportunities. The scores indicate that self-esteem is one of the strengths areas of a manager. Which I believe is one of the essential criteria for the manager as it is needed to empower others and encourage others to do their best (Helens-Hart, 2018).

Sentiment level Numerical value Responses Total
Strongly disagree 1 0 0
Disagree 2 0 0
Neutral 3 1 3
Agree 4 0 0
Strongly Agree 5 1 5

Adding the total above and dividing it by the respondent gives the scores of 4; in this question, only two responses were recorded where one of the staff has given me ranked me neutral for the self-love. Another one has rated me strongly agree, so it indicates a positive response that implies that I am good with self-love, which I again believe is one of the essential factors that the manager needs. Also, only the manager can empower others and boost their confidence when the manager can resonate with himself and his emotions. Managers who recognize the value of self-love in leadership are more likely to emit a positive vibe that motivates their employees. Self-Loved managers possess strong self-esteem and confidence, understand their value, and can sustain their satisfaction level. Self-love is the underlying characteristic that may bind everything together various leadership characteristics or approaches. It therefore can draw teams together through self-sacrifice, sensitivity, and dependability, notwithstanding superficial differences or conflict with each other. So, as a manager, this is also my strength area.

A table showing results for Question 3 is as follows:

Sentiment level Numerical value Responses Total
Strongly disagree 1 0 0
Disagree 2 0 0
Neutral 3 1 3
Agree 4 0 0
Strongly Agree 5 1 5

A table showing results for Question 4 is as follows:

Sentiment level Numerical value Responses Total
Strongly disagree 1 1 1
Disagree 2 1 2
Neutral 3 0 0
Agree 4 0 0
Strongly Agree 5 1 5


Sentiment level Numerical value Responses Total
Strongly disagree 1 1 1
Disagree 2 1 2
Neutral 3 0 0
Agree 4 0 0
Strongly Agree 5 1 5


The primary purpose of assessing the readiness is to provide an opportunity to enhance the strength areas and work on the weak areas so that sets of roles and responsibilities can be achieved efficiently without any hindrance (Raelin, 2002). The above survey and questionnaire have helped me identify my strength areas and helped me understand the weak spots that I will be improving by adopting a systematic plan.

Learning objective (or area of improvement) Action planned Resource required
  1. Attending webinars and workshops.

  2. Researching more about the concept to gain better clarity

  • To achieve this goal, I will be using a laptop with good internet to attend the webinars; for the workshops, I have a good network (being a nurse, I have an excellent corporate circle) required for attending the popular seminars.

  • For this researching concept, I have the internet to learn more about the theories and how they are applied in the organization

2. Enhancing self-love



3. Enhancing communication

2. interacting with friends, colleagues to improve my communication skills.

3. enrolling in an online English course

  • I will be communicating with my seniors, colleagues, and friends to improve my verbal communication skills.

  • To enhance my communication skills, I will be enrolling in one of the famous English courses.

I am currently a successful MDS regional consultant where I have good expertise in ensuring that the company is providing the quality of care to the customers while also focusing on which practice can help decrease the variability and enhance their safety care for the patient. I have vast knowledge and skills that I believe are required to achieve academic goals and professional goals. However, to upscale my skills and capabilities to one notch above, I have decided to take up the DOCTORAL RESEARCH degree to refine my skills and expertise for future career goals. I have a plan to use my doctoral credentials so that I can get better clarity about the future roles and help build adequate skills and capabilities. I have planned to obtain a higher place as a healthcare consultant and manager and as an instructor for the institution of higher learning.

As a successful healthcare consultant, some of the capabilities need to be developed to meet future goals. Some of them are highlighted below:

Assessing the Gap in current competences

Even though I have gained 3 degrees from the different schools and DOCTORAL RESEARCH would be 4th degree. I have a bachelor's in science in chemistry and nursing and a master's in business administration. However, to open up my franchise, I need to build more competencies and work on the learning styles to get better career opportunities and develop my professional capabilities. In the current scenario, I lack knowledge at the doctoral level when it comes to an understanding of research design, formulating the researchable questions, and adopting appropriate research methodologies; I believe they are crucial for writing the dissertation at a doctoral level. Even though I have gained experience in a good organization in the health care and management segments, both are challenging and require agility in taking actions according to the current situation. Therefore, I feel that there might be a time when I might face an ethical dilemma in the dynamic work environment. Consequently, it is pretty essential to understand how I can integrate my moral values into the corporate strategies so it fulfills the plan of all the key stakeholders.

DOCTORAL RESEARCH curriculum will allow me to work with the faculty members who have prior and extensive practical experience, which I believe will be very valuable for me to open my franchise and enhance my expertise as a nurse consultant closely. Moreover, it will also clarify a comprehensive understanding of critical theories and push me to incorporate these theories into corporate strategy. Apart from that, I believe with the help of DOCTORAL RESEARCH; I will be able to enhance my higher-level skills without putting a hold on my career as it is an online program. Additionally, this will also provide me the opportunity and flexibility to enhance my learning style by developing scholarly activities that will facilitate independent research focus in the area of interest (College, 2021). The XXXXXXRRTTTTTTTT college DOCTORAL RESEARCH curriculum has the perfect blend of interdisciplinary subjects and professional activities. Through this degree, I will become more independent and gain a deeper insight into working in a complex and dynamic environment. 

Building the information proficiency 

Research design, research methodologies, and formulation of research questions  

  I am building the requisite knowledge in research design, formulation of the research question, and research methodologies. To refine this area, I will be studying the basic concept of quantitative and qualitative analysis that interprets surveys, interviews, and questionnaires. For quantitative analysis, I will be learning about statistical techniques that can be applied in various business functions such as marketing, economics, and management. Studying this concept will broaden my knowledge about the significant difference between quantitative and qualitative analysis and their applicable function in the business. 

I will be focusing on studying the application of this knowledge in business scenarios to clarify the challenge that might arise when adopting these technologies; at the same time, it will also provide me the clarity to understand how this technology could help in managing my own business. Therefore, to build those capabilities, I will be focusing more on theories and research-driven by information science, organizational behaviors, and management that are considered critical interdisciplinary perspectives and have a direct association with the application of ICT and MIS knowledge. 


Opening my franchise would require that I have expertise in understanding the latest ideas and how in the 21st century it is crucial to building these skills, to know how the individual with different culture work and react to the particular situation. Running the own franchise would require working with a diverse workforce. Therefore, to run the franchise on its needs competency in handling the conflicts, understanding their motivation factors, and the areas of strengths. I will be exploring how ethical principles could be incorporated into the strategy to meet the global challenges and ensure a balance between equitable distribution of profit among all the key stakeholders.

During my DOCTORAL RESEARCH program, I will be focusing on individual ethics and how the managers and leaders can build congruency between their values and the action they have taken. Besides that, I will also assess the factors that could potentially influence CSR activities, hamper community development, and create challenges for the business to work on sustainable business practices. I will also be reviewing How socially responsible and innovative corporate governments could potentially help the industry meet the challenges of global warming and stewardship of scarce resources. I will explore the best practices in corporate social innovation followed by big corporates and organizations such as plug power, UN global compact, PwC, and Schlumberger SEED.

Learning needs to be identified   Ways to address the needs  efforts Anticipated dates 
Building information proficiency; gaining comprehensive knowledge about research design, research methodologies, and formulating the research question  
  • To better understand the research design, methodologies, and formulation of research questions studying the basic concept of quantitative and qualitative analysis. I will aim to understand the essential elements of research design such as sampling, reliability, research perspective, criteria for measurement, and cautiousness. I will be able to learn these capabilities through attending the DMA seminars such as Defining the Dissertation Research Problem and Research Question (year 2) and Defining the Dissertation Research Problem and Research Question (year 1).

  • Individual and need doctoral classes.

  Building comprehensive knowledge about knowledge management (KS); information systems (IS), and MIS (Management of information system)
Individual and doctoral program Year 1
 Gaining knowledge of corporate and personal ethics; leadership, and human resource management
  •   I will be exploring corporate ethics from the individual focus and how managers and leaders can build the congruency between their actions and value. Role of leadership in managing the conflict and diverse workforce and exploring the international human resource management theories to gain better clarity towards working with a diverse team and for successful collaboration. To attain this capability, I will be taking the seminars under DOCTORAL RESEARCH programs such as Managing in a Worldwide Context and Knowledge Management and Information Systems

Individual and doctoral program  Year 1 and 2
Expanding the skills that are needed to work in the 21st century
  • I will be exploring the best practices and activities that are considered successful in working in the 21st century, such as analyzing how individuals with different cultures work and react to certain situations, understanding their motivation factors, and the strengths of a diverse workforce. Hence, for better clarity, I will be undertaking the seminar conducted that are in my DOCTORAL RESEARCH programs, such as Leading 21st Century Organizations and Organizational Change.

Individual and doctoral program Year 1 and 2
  • Leadership seminar, 20xx 

I will try to attend At least one approved professional conference and seminar in the first two years. Moreover, I will also participate in the XXXXXXRRTTTTTTTTs DOCTORAL RESEARCH programs, activities, events, and meetings. Apart from that, I will also be documenting what I learned through the seminars and conferences.

Besides that, I am also interested in exploring how the advancement of technology that is automation and management of data have helped the hospitals and other sectors. What was the significant barrier that was faced earlier that has been resolved through automation? Is it saving the cost associated with labor, or has it helped them monitor the sectors? Apart from the positive side, I am also increased to know how these technologies could benefit society and to what extent they can harm. As there is a constant change in the business's dynamic condition, it has become to incorporate advanced technology to gain a competitive edge. Therefore, I want to explore the areas which the business enterprise should research so that they can retain their current position and at the same time compete in the complex environment.

Another area of interest that I want to explore is the need for a diverse workforce in a health care setting. I wonder why there is a sudden change in the organization's perspective to increase the crew's diversity, despite the apparent challenges of a cross-cultural workforce. I want to explore how the diversity in the health care sector promotes better service, and I wonder if it is to provide the patients with personalized approaches so that the hospitals could meet their demands (Nair & Adetayo, 2019).

College, B. (2021). Business Administration (DOCTORAL RESEARCH). Retrieved 2 October 2021, from research.

College, B. (2021). Business Administration (DOCTORAL RESEARCH). Retrieved 2 October 2021, from research/curriculum.

NIILM. (2021). Family Life Education. Retrieved 8 September 2021, from

Raelin, J. (2002). "I Don't Have Time to Think!" versus the Art of Reflective Practice. Reflections: The Sol Journal4(1), 66-79.



Overall Evaluation: 110 points of 120 92%

Third Draft ALP – Revised Chapter 1, Revised Chapter 2, and Chapter 3

You are expected to utilize available information to build a comprehensive description of yourself as others see you that is as objective and accurate as possible.

The surveys and assessment results from this class (“Am I Ready? survey, Learning Style Inventory and Learning Skills Profile; and the MBA knowledge self-assessment surveys) should be considered.

*** Your proposed Program of Study (POS) was not included

*** Your completed POS must be completed and approved by the Dean of Doctoral Studies to successfully complete the BUS8000 course. I will help you with this approval process. If you have problems or questions, please ask.

It is appropriate to add a resume' (your Curriculum Vitae (CV)) in the last Appendix.

Section 3: Learning Plan and Program of Study
  1. Some activities are identified but without clear intended outcomes or rationale

  1. Activities and outcomes are described

  1. Some activities are identified but without clear intended outcomes or rationale

  1. Activities and outcomes are described

  1. Possible subjects are identified

  1. Possible subjects are identified with some discussion of why they were selected

  1. Program of study provided but missing certain elements

  1. Program of study provided and complete

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