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and availability information passing over public a

And availability information passing over public and private networks

98 Domain 2.0 • Communication Security

Technologies like e-mail are so ingrained in society that it is almost impos-sible to meet someone without an e-mail address. E-mail servers are exposed to the Internet, so they must be protected and secure. For the Security+ exam, you need to know how to protect personal e-mail vulnerabilities with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) as well as spam and e-mail relay vulnerabilities.

The Need for Communication Security

transmitting messages.As recently as five years ago, the general consensus was that all a user had to do to protect their network was install a firewall in front of their Internet connection and load anti-virus software on their network.Today, things are quite different. Hacking tools can be found on the Internet and used by novice hackers, known as “script kiddies” and “click kiddies.” Books (such as Syngress’ Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition ISBN: 1-928994-70-9) are available at local bookstores that provide information on how different types of attacks are carried out. Hacking has become so popular that underground net-works for passing information and techniques now exist. In today’s environment, a security professional must be extremely diligent in the protection of their assets.

Communications-Based Security

Because more people are using the Internet, many companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home.This creates a dilemma for secu-rity professionals, because they have to be able to meet the needs of the users and still keep the company’s network secure. Remote access servers and VPNs are commonplace in most networks today. Ensuring that the implementation of these technologies is secure is as important as making sure they work properly.

Almost everyone today has a mobile phone, many people have personal dig-ital assistants (PDAs), and a growing number of people are adding wireless net-work interface cards (NICs) to their laptops and desktops. Since these devices work over “open air,” ways must be found to secure their transmissions.

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