Dissertation topics in Marketing

Dissertation writing requires a descriptive process of research as well as writing. Nowadays, the dissertation report is a compulsory curriculum in very universities and colleges. It can also be said that to clear the master's degree and Ph.D. degree, it is mandatory for dissertation submissions. For the dissertation report submission, the universities are allocated the guides for the students, and students are doing the dissertation report work under the respective faculty guide. In management colleges, it is essential to submit the dissertation report.

If we talk about the major streams of management under which students are submitting their dissertation report. The major streams are- Marketing, Finance, and Human & resource, etc. The most common and useable subject is marketing. But the recent problems what students are facing are scarcity of time. It is because students are living a very hectic life.

They have a lot of other things than studies to make ex- self-grooming, seminars, presentations, fluency in communication, leadership skill, improvement of assertiveness, extra-curricular activities, etc. So it is very hard to find times for them, within busy schedules. If we take only the marketing subject, then it is a vast area, so many topics are coming under marketing.

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Areas of marketing for dissertation paper

In marketing research should be the basic point of focus. Because as vast as the market is, the research should be more vast than it after the research methodology is another important aspect of it.

The areas of marketing, are widely spread, ex- relationship marketing, digital media marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing, consumer psychology, branding, retail marketing, rural marketing, green marketing, online marketing, international marketing, mobile marketing, marketing mix, marketing ethics, etc. The examples given above are some of the marketing areas.

There are so many parts or aspects within all these areas ex- sales, advertisements, promotions, branding, brand image, business to business, business to customers, sales & distribution, revenue generation, etc. All these things are coming under market study and analysis. Specific topics of marketing, ex- in consumer marketing, the topics are- customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, consumer buying behavior, customer satisfaction in online retailing, customer retention, customer relationship in the baking industry, consumer's response to online marketing schemes, etc. These are only some examples of topics under marketing. Rather than these topics, there are many other topics also.

Required fields for the marketing topic dissertation

1. Marketing research

Research is a mandatory step for any kind of marketing dissertation. By doing the research, we will able to find the sales report about a particular company. Suppose the project is based on the market gap analysis of a particular company; then, in this case, it is a must to do business history analysis. So the research will give us more data regarding the dissertation.

We can take an example of Nokia, and the curve is started declining after a certain period, so in this case, you need to find out Nokia's business strategies and have to analyze the points of failure or after which point Nokia started declining. These are called market research; without the research work, it's impossible to write a dissertation in marketing.

Dissertation topics in Marketing

2. Introduction

In the introduction section, you are supposed to introduce your topic, and if you are doing it by taking any specific industry or company, then give the introduction accordingly. From the introduction part, we can find the subject gist at a glance. So the description should be meaningful and clear.

3. Literature review

In marketing to find a literature review, a deep research process is required. A literature review will help you to gain more knowledge regarding the same topic. You can collect different authors' literature reviews from researched articles, published papers, articles, journals, books, etc.

4. Market analysis or data analysis

In marketing, subjects analysis is an important task. To do the analysis part, a lot of data collection required. After collecting the data, you can go for the market analysis. The required data are - sales volumes, revenue generation, profit, product, price, etc.

5. Conclusion and recommendations

After the data analysis, you can get your result or outcome. That outcome is called find, and through the findings part, you can give the recommendations. The recommendations part must always be unique. The more unique your recommendations are, the more you will able to fetch marks.

Dissertation topics in marketing by assignmenthelp.net

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