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The dissertation writing process is a complete study of research on a particular topic. The methodology for dissertation writing depends upon the topic. Many universities are used to judge their student's capability upon a specific subject through dissertation writing. Though the dissertation is a vast process, it requires a depth research work.

Without a complete research process, it is not possible to write a quality dissertation paper. Dissertation methodology means you need to describe the dissertation project methods through which you have made the research, introduction, data collection, findings, analysis, conclusion, recommendations, etc.

It is a compulsory activity for the Ph.D. and post-graduation students to get the certifications. We can say it is mandatory to clear any professional degrees. But the basic problem is that students are not able to find time for dissertation writing. They already have heavy burdens of studies, extra-curricular activities, exams, etc.

Many of them are also involving themselves in part-time jobs. So it's really hard to find time for the dissertation writing. For solving this type of problem, students are started taking help from online dissertation writers. And to describe the methodologies appropriately, a professional dissertation methodology writer is needed.

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The dissertation methodology is related to the methods of the dissertation report writing. There are various methods for dissertation writings, but the basic two methods are- Qualitative and Quantitative. Sometimes both the methods can also be used in a particular dissertation report. It completely depends upon the topic and the area, which methods to use in which topic.

How to select the dissertation methodology for your topic?

First, go through your questionnaire part; on that basis, you set your questions; according to that, you can decide your dissertation will be qualitative or qualitative or both.

Decide the design of your research work then finalize the methodologies.

Fix your target audience and population size.

If you have chosen a qualitative method, then do not forget to specify the reasons you choose this, and the same thing is also applicable for the quantitative methodology.

Dissertation Methodology Writers

Suppose you have decided to use both the methodologies and then again specify why both qualitative and quantitative methods are applied in this dissertation project report.

Evaluate your methodologies and make the alternatives also so that you will not face any problem at the time of implementations.

The required field for dissertation methodology writing

Topic selection

Topic selection should be based on your specialization area. It will give you more flexibility and confidence to tackle the possible questions. It will always be a beneficial point for the student because it can explain better in his/her area. At the time of topic selection, you can also clear the methodology of whether it is a qualitative and quantitative process. There are experts present in assignmenthelp.net; they can help you to choose your topic according to your expertise area.

Select the methodology

The dissertation methodology should depend upon the topic which you have selected. If the sample size is large; then, you will get great results; then, in that case, it will be assumed to be qualitative research. Sometimes the topic is unique, and the sample size is also very small. And the available information is very less so in that case, and you can say the dissertation a quantitative one. The methodology selection is a technical process so that the professionals can advise you in the right direction.

Data analysis

Data analysis depends on the amount of data you have collected on a particular topic. You can collect the data by doing surveys over phones, online, questionnaires, etc. The data analysis part also depends on the quantity of data you have. Take a particular target audience match with your dissertation topic and then start doing data analysis. You can analyze the required data by using various data analytics tools.


In the finding part, you need to present your result or the outcome that you have got from the analysis part. Sometimes students try to copy those things from others, but this doesn't seem right. Similar findings will always create a bad impression on your dissertation paper. So always try to make it different from others. The more unique your findings will be, the more it will help you to score high marks.


After the finding part, the recommendation part will come. In this section, you need to recommend some relevant and useful points to the readers through your dissertation paper. The recommendation part is always the most attractive part of a dissertation methodology paper. It should be 100% unique.


The conclusion part contains the overall dissertation methodology part in short. It describes the dissertation topic behavior, methodologies used, sample size, hypothesis testing (if required), nature, availability of information, findings, etc.

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Dissertation methodology is a research work where you need to do various kinds of searches. To write an impressive dissertation with all the relevant points, you need to go through various articles, published papers, internet, journals, books, etc. which will help you gain more knowledge about it.

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