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As the name suggests, marketing while taking digital media as a median to do is know as digital marketing. Digital marketing may include marketing over the internet, phone, and visual advertisement. Digital marketing entered the business world in nearly the 1990’s and since then it has revolutionized the way big brands market their product and advertise their brands in a whole different way. The reason why digital marketing is able to make such a huge impact on the life of people is that people now prefer to have really less human interaction hence leading to an increase in shopping from various websites rather than shopping store to store in the hope to find something better.

History of Digital Marketing

The term digital marketing was first minted in the year 1980 and years later, it was found in a survey that most of the retailers don’t have a domain of their own. The use of such technology increased when devices through which one was able to browse the internet came out, this kind of led to a revolution in the digital marketing field.

Digital marketing methods

There is various kind of methods to market digitally, nowadays they have gone to such an extent that mediums that do not use the internet are also becoming a thing like SMS and MMS. Some of the most common methods are as follows:

Search engine optimization:

This means that we use certain keywords in our written content that when anyone searches the related things, out pages come on the top of the search engine which would result in an increase in the number of visitors on our website. It is nothing new when we tell that an increased number of visitors would lead to an increased traffic which will ultimately result in better search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing

It is also a form of internet marking in which when a user searches something on a search engine, our website or our page might be on the top of the search and hence increasing the number of visits on our website. This kind of marketing techniques are mostly paid and hence there is some amount of investment needed in search engine marketing. This can also be closely related to search engine optimization. A shocking fact about search engine marketing is that the United States alone spent an amount of 26.4billion USD on search engine marketing.

Content marketing

Content is the backbone on which the search engine optimization is based because if the content of the certain page is good then there would be a number of visitors in the same resulting to an increase in the number of visitors on the page.

Social media Marketing

gone are the days when people just used to look at boring jokes on websites like Facebook and Quora, nowadays people prefer to do research on such websites because of the sole fact that the data present on these are without any adulteration and it is in its complete raw form resulting in better research for what the person is looking for.

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Mobile marketing: people are now switching from using boring old big desktops to mobile phones and tablets which has increased the usage because of their compact size and the fact that they are extremely portable so services like SMS have been taken out which help in marketing at a very large scale.

Advantages of Digital marketing:

Easy to use: Now with the fact that a person can take out there phone anywhere and browse any website they want, it has made customers interacting with the sellers much easy and ordering stuff even easier. With the help of a digital medium like the internet, spreading some kind of news or launch of a new product is really easy for any organization and hence leading to a greater sale resulting in higher profits.

Competitive prices: This is one of the main advantage to the buyer because of the fact that each and every seller would be aware of the prices at which others are selling their products and hence there would be some sort of hypothetical competition between each and every seller resulting in lowering of the prices which will ultimately lead to the benefit of the buyer.

Brand recognition : Imagine you are going with a small cousin of yours and you are amazed by the fact that he knows the names of various brands and this small age and when you were of this age, all you knew were the names of pokemon, you think a little deeper and get to understand that your little one spends most of his time on the world wide web which resulted in more exposure of him, this ultimately led him to remember the logos of various brands and hence helping the brand to increase their reach to have a bigger and better client base.

Product Recommendation network: Just like a disease moves really fast from one body to another, the same way the recommendations too and hence they can help in an increased sale of the product. Nowadays, online selling platforms like Amazon have a recommendation section which recommends products based on search history and products already in cart. This is like taking digital marketing to a whole new level because the platform is already aware of the things the person might be interested in and hence showcase only things which are very closely related to them.

Customisation for customer satisfaction: With the increasing amount of advancement that science and technology are doing, it is not very difficult for the manufacturers to provide custom made tailored solutions to each and specific clients and hence leading to a much better client satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships with the clients. We cannot forget the case of dell which rose to fame only because it used to offer its clients customized laptops and computers that were tailored to their specific needs and hence increasing its market capitalization by almost 100 percent over a period of one year.


With the above article about digital marketing, it can be concluded that it is a fairly new term in the field as compared to all the others and is having a huge impact on the consumers as well as the manufactures. It has been seen that it is one of the best ways to gain loyal clients and interest stakeholders into buying shares of the company. All this can be done with search engine optimization, social media blogging and writing content relevant to the website and hence increasing the reach of the website to make more and more people visit the same. In the end, we can say that digital marketing is placing the right kind of text with the right kind of image so as to create a better impression about something in the mind of the buyer, this will not only help in creating a better image but also help is an increased sale of the same. Here With Assignmenthelp, you can be assured that the work that you will give to our experts will be completed every time on time and hence result in a better grade for you. The answers submitted by our experts are plagiarism free and are submitted always before the deadline so that complete peace of mind is ensured.

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