Developing Workplace Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the prerequisite of pitching an idea brilliantly. It is described as ideation through tons of analysis. A successful firm takes a decision based on critical reasoning, critical thinking. Critical thinking is the analysis of any matter or any specific subject from a different viewpoint and makes a conclusion. The essence of developing critical thinking is too much significance to an organization. The following study is to give a complete view of critical thinking in an organization. the content of the assignment holds a business case study. where I was the manager of a five-star hotel which name is "MS The Alina" where I have experienced the proper explanation of beliefs, values, attitudes of employees and the significant importance of having such factors in an organization. The assignment will briefly discuss the importance of attitudes in the organization, the benefit of having values in the organization and the contribution from the establishment of beliefs in the organization. Most importantly, the solution to this assignment will tell about what management theories exist in the work area of the organization.

At the end of the solution, it contains a probable recommendation which is given my working experience in the restaurant. A reader of the study can differentiate among belief, values, attitudes, and application of management theory in a restaurant activity.

The Case Studies

I am associated with “MS the Alina” restaurant for 9 years as a senior manager. I have experienced a lot of activities since I joined with “MS the Alina. The uniqueness of the hotel is “keeping quality through better services. Many people from both internal and external come here to enjoy or pass a good time. My restaurant is a top leading restaurant across the nation. We have built up a very strong relationship with different types of business group. Our core value is to make someone happy holding positive attitudes. We kept by-products like the rooftop BBQ option to make our customer happy. We are the market leader of hotel business right now. Such great contribution comes from the proper establishment of beliefs, values, and attitude. We developed values, beliefs, attitudes for the restaurant over the long period of time through the logical arrangement of thought. Continuous critical reasoning helped to develop values, beliefs, and attitude.

Values mean the lasting of ideas, beliefs which are shared by the existing employees of a culture in an organization and narrated by the organization toward the working environment. The distinctive values which My organization holds are to have positive and strict ideation on employees. Core values which my organization so far constructs are

  • To make a parameter which guides entire activities of “MS The Alina”
  • To have an influence on the behavior of employees through narrating values.
  • Not to provides any unacceptable circumstance toward the customer.
  • Treat customer to provide superior services

Belief is the judgmental concept of any particular fact and constructs an ideology whether is something good or bad? As an example: Smoking in the restaurant is bad for the environment. Or Providing superior services makes a customer loyal toward the restaurant.

Establishing belief can take at any time. Because in my restaurant, we have to wait to construct a belief. A thing has to test to give a judgment. The unique belief of my organization is to think the customer is always right. No matter what happens? No matter what the wrong customer has! Only Belief which my organization holds is that customers are not wrong at first look. The other beliefs of my restaurant are

  • Quality of product is the key to become a market leader
  • Making a large base is the opposite of losing market size

Attitude is another fundamental important factor in my organization. Attitude comprises from the long period of activities of the existing employee. The organization where I belong as a manager always take a positive attitude on the behavior of existing employee and performance of the restaurant. No matter to what extent the employee makes a mistake or no matter to what extent the organization makes a wrong decision toward any situation, only the matter is the authority of the organization take the activity as a simple and think as new learning topic. But at the same time, the authority of my organization always pushes to turn the mistake into a solution so that the problem never occurs in future time.

The importance of values in the workplace

Values are certain principles of behavior which defines the conduct of people, whether the activity is acceptable or not? My restaurant has a set of common values. It is beneficial for my restaurant to develop certain values to create a unique brand image in the restaurant market. The core benefits of constructing values in my restaurant have been discussed in brief.

  • Values control the unusual action of the individual: By establishing a big picture of what is allowed to do? What should not do? My company is fully able to control individual action in the working The core benefit of controlling the behavior of an individual is to make a sound environment in the restaurant. A sound working environment contribute helps to attain a healthy performance.

For Example, an employee can’t join without a formal dress code. Which will ensure a professional business react from the restaurant. Thus, when the customer will come and see our gesture, a posture they will take us in a lucrative way.

  • Values immediate to occur unexpected casualties: When an organization maintains its values strictly, chances are less that employees will commit any crime or any kinds of the deceptive

For Example, Values of ‘MS the Alina hotel’ is to test food before serving. Which will ensure a check and balance before sending food to customers? And we can change the food dish if we get any fault in food. Thus, checking food before serving saves us to hear blame from customers.

  • Constructing Uniqueness: When stakeholders especially consumers, audit team from government and the other external parties visit and visualize that ‘MS the Alina hotel’ holds some strong positive values toward both, at that time stakeholders will spread info about us among mass public. Thus, it can attain a unique position in people mind. Which will help us to capture more

The importance of attitude in the workplace

Attitude deals with the perceptions and believes of behavior. Good attitude always pushes employees to contribute significantly toward the organization. To construct a positive and strong attitude, a restaurant has to successfully develop a good beliefs and values system in the working environment. Attitude has an immense impact on an organization. The proper attitude is fundamentally important to implement the activities of my restaurant. Following holds the positive reasons which bring significant contribution toward the restaurant

  1. Attitude is key sources of generating value generating idea toward restaurant: A positive attitude provide the hint to render a new idea which will increase the value of the restaurant. Holding a positive attitude render the betterment and the welfare for both employees and company.
  2. The employee becomes much more flexible: As the organizational body determines how should be the behavior of the employees, be it with the consumers or within the coworkers, the organization looks after the security issues of the employees to control the discrimination irrespective to any races. As a result, employees don’t feel unsecured by the presence of people. Especially foreign employees become much more flexible.
  1. Attitude strengths more value of the employee: the attitude of my restaurant assure that existing employees are morally correct and conducting appropriate behavior. Because the attitude of “MS the Alina” restricts its employees to get involved in immoral activities or criminal by establishing
  2. Flexible Working Environment: Designing a proper attitude assists to make employees flexible to the workplace. Because our attitude is too much friendly. All of us share what we want to speak in a working Thus, it helps to be flexible in working time.

The Negative impacts of attitudes in The Restaurant: like the advantages of having positive attitudes, there are some disadvantages of having values in ‘MS the Alina Hotel. A 9 years’ experience as a manager, I found following the negative impacts of attitudes in the restaurant.

  1. Pressure to keep up with the flow of Restaurant: Employees have to work according to the predetermined guidelines and policies of the restaurant. There is no way to avoid the rules. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with the pace of the Restaurant. At that time, there is a chance to lose the job if the employee becomes continuously unable to meet the objective.
  2. Impact to express internal though: Sometimes the views that “MS the Alina Hotel” has, narrows the area of expressing own ideas by employees. Thus, employees remain unable to pitch their thought and use their freedom.
  1. Depression appears among employee: Due to some strict rules and regulation of my restaurant, employees feel. autocratic views in some cases make employees depressed. Day by day, it makes employees dissatisfied and to some extent, it bounds employee to leave the job.

The importance of beliefs in the workplace

Every organization involved in constructing thousands of important decisions per month. The decisions which organization take are a reflection of their beliefs as well as values. and due to the absolute beliefs, all organization are always directed towards a specific goal. Belief refers to faith or the mental acceptance of something. Even sometimes without proof, an entity believes unseen. Belief is important because sometimes crucial steps are taken on the basis of what the belief is!

The advantage of beliefs in my organization

  1. Beliefs explain the right or wrong thing in a restaurant: Beliefs clearly explain what is right or what is wrong from the “MS the Alina Hotel” in details. As a result, all stakeholder become aware of maintaining the instruction given by the restaurant.

Example: As a manager, I ask not to smoke or drink wine in front of customers. Because my belief is that, open smoking or drinking wine in front of customer make a bad image for the restaurant. As a result, all existing employee will obey the rule and we can hold our brand value for a long time.

  1. Gets the ball rolling: I visualize in my organization that the belief of being determined to achieve the nearly impossible goal not caring about how difficult the scenario can be always keeping the employees and the workers to stay positive and get ready to approach.
  2. Beliefs are considered as a source of motivation: As a manager in a hotel, I saw in my restaurant that daring to approach from the belief of achieving something always expands the wisdom which afterward becomes a strength. The fact is, when we see a positive vision or mission explained in our belief, we become inspired to move forward.
  3. Make a positive attitude: The long practice of positive belief, bring to grow a positive attitude in the restaurant. When employees of my organization believe nothing is impossible to attain, after a certain period of time later, employees don’t divert from tract due to tons of pressure from the working
  4. Grows judgmental ability: The belief system helps to be visionary during hardcore competition in the market. Being a manager, when I see employees are constructing a new belief for an upcoming trend, they become much more rational to construct the idea.

Management Theories

Management Theories are developed with a view to boosting activities of a particular entity. Management theory in a word is a reflection of guideline based on the experience of the scholar. Management theories can be defined as specific ideas which are consist of frameworks and guidelines which could be used in modern organizations to imply the ideas and complete the activities properly. Most popular management theories so far used by the big giant organization are contingency management theory, scientific management theory, system management theory, bureaucratic management theory, etc. But usually, the application of theories is not followed as accurately as the concept of theory. Despite acknowledging the importance of these theories, entrepreneurs and owners try to develop a theory by combining developed theory and practical field knowledge of the business.

Being the manager of the “MS the Alina Restaurant” I can relate the application of three management theories in my restaurant.

  1. Douglas McGregor X and Y theory
  2. Behavioral Theory of Management
  3. Own developed theory by Restaurant

Theory X and Y: theory X and Y is developed by the Douglas McGregor. It is sometimes called the two-factor theory. Theory X and Y reflect both the positive factor and negative factor for the work environment. When the manager of a particular organization thinks that their employees want to avoid activities, the employer doesn't like works employee don't feel to work enthusiastically, on this condition the manager of that particular company has to be authoritarian. authoritarian means that manager is strictly managing his existing employees. Even there is a chance of rising of fire from the job if an employer doesn't cover the rule of the manager.

On the other hand, when the employees of the organization are very much interested in working. even the existing employee feel sad if there is a lack of work, or employees don't show any causes to avoid work, on that condition, the manager becomes very much friendly with his employees. The manager uses different types of bonus to inspire employees.

the application of theory According to X and Y theory, I being the manager of MS the Alina restaurant, would like to follow to apply theory X and Y based on the condition of employees.

When I see that the existing employees of the restaurant don't want to finish their activities smoothly, want to avoid working environment by showing cause and effect awesome how employees feel sad when they see the pressure of working time. On that condition, I become straight forward as a manager to get the activity done. Employees who don't want to work properly are given punishment. Sometimes, I have to take extreme punishment for the employees that is to fire the employee from the restaurant.

The normal punishment that I would like to apply on the employees who don't work properly are given below

  • No incentive: this is the lower punishment towards the employee. If employees are categorized under X Factor, they are not given incentive at the end of the month.
  • Extra duty: an employee who avoid their assigning activities are given punishment to do extra duty in the restaurant. The prime objective of keeping extra duty for themselves is to get things done.
  • No bonus: they are not given any bonus until they leave X-Factor of x and y theory.

Being the manager of the restaurant, I believe the above factor influence heavily on themselves to change their behavior from negative to positive. After some certain period of time, the employee who will change their behavior is welcome under the factor of Y theory. But who never changes their behavior are given punishment as permanent fire from a job?

But when I see that employee would like to do the job. Don't need any motivation to work, they want to develop there working quality, at that time I use the following factor to treat them self.

  • Motivation: though they don't need any motivation to work, still I give themselves a bonus, incentive, et cetera to motivate themselves.
  • Be friendly with themselves: I try to react with these employees in a friendly
  • Promotion: I consider such employee who likes work as most efficient member for the organization. And I provide promotion to these types of employee.

Behavioral Theory Of Management Another management Theory that my organization tries to follow is the behavioral theory of Management.

The behavioral management deals with the movement of human relationship. Because the behavioral management theory identifies the different dimension of human work in an organization. The core concept of behavioral theory of management is that understanding of employee regarding their strength, conflicts, expectations pay off a better solution to increase the performance of the organization.

Application of behavioral theory in my restaurant: Behavioral Management Theory help the restaurant from a lot of perspectives.

  • When I see any conflict among employee or there is an inner dissatisfaction of employee, I take advantage of behavioral management. Using the activity, the activity of behavioral management theory, I, first of all, understand the scenario of employees. I try to know their inner expression towards their job environment. Based on my experience on themselves, I can easily any conflicting matter of employees.
  • Another advantage of this theory in my restaurant is that it creates a good bonding between the organization and employee. Because my restaurant, first of all, judges its existing employee properly. And based on the judgment of the employee, my restaurant comes up with different treatment for the different behavior of employees. Which makes a better understanding between restaurant and employee.
  • Behavioral Management Theory also contributed to my restaurant by letting us inform who is the better employee to maintain a relationship with the customer positively? When my restaurant applies behavioral management theory, then we all who stay at the top level and mid-level position can see the ranking of the behavior of a particular employee. From the result, we use the top-ranking holder employee at the right place for maintaining customer relationship. On the other hand, those employees who have is not holding up to the marking behavior in ranking scale, become subject to happy treatment to develop their behavior. By this way, we can rectify our employee’s behavior. Which at the end of the day, make sure our existing employee of the restaurant is highly qualified to maintain all the activities for handling the customer. And personally, being a manager, I strongly believe the application of behavioral management theory reach the performance of the organization at a very high position. When the customer gets amazing behavior from our employee, day by day, they become much loyal to us. Thus, the most benefit of having a behavioral theory of management in a restaurant is to create a large customer base.
  • Behavioral Management Theory also helps us when we need to avail of the training facilities for a particular group of employees. When we see that a portion of employee need to develop their behavior, at the same time we come up with the training facilities to solve the problem.

Own developed theory by Restaurant: Apart from the above Management Theory, my restaurant also prefers to use the combination of different Management Theory in a working place. Sometimes organization usages the combination of bureaucratic Management Theory and the contingency Management Theory to get things done from its employee.


For keeping the service right, convincing people is one of the major problems to be dealt with. So, ideas what could be the probable solutions to these kinds of problems have been recommended below in brief.

Operational Recommendation: A branded restaurant should come up with little bit strict rules and regulation to implement operation activities.

  • To be Strict to get things done: Restaurant organization has always to stay visionary at each business stages, which will ensure the restaurant to be straight forward to attain a goal. But before being visionary, at some place, the restaurant should stay strict to get things one. Being strict toward company at operation level ensure efficient usages of raw materials and render maximum value in return.
  • Having Contingency plane: Restaurant must have to come up with a contingency plan for the potential customer. Because in most cases, it becomes a burden to forecast what can be happened in the future. But as service is the key factor to achieve success, the organization has to provide what a customer wants from themselves. On that time only contingency plan can help a restaurant to serve the customer
  • The proper blueprint for implementing the work: Every restaurant has to accomplish some common goal set by upper level. To achieve that goal, there need to make a complete plane which will be the guidelines for the company as a showed pathway.

Financial Recommendation: Finance is the key to a business. Each company must have a solid capital structure. Once there is a crisis in finance, each part of the business will be down.

  • Alternative Financial Back up: When the organization is announced restaurant, cheating the alternative source of Financing is free mandatory for the organization. Because the organization may face any time to organize a big event for any particular business group. The demands of that business group are maybe huge. To organize the event of the business group, the restaurant may have face short of money. As a result, it may be unable for the restaurant to organize the event. Keeping those things in mind, the restaurant has to select an alternative source of financing.
  • Making a concrete capital budgeting: Each branded company should make a budgeting plan. Which will define what potential expenditure and income may occur in the following years? The company can know what kinds of cost it has to do? Even developing a capital structure indicate the unexpected need for cash in future time.

Quality Control Recommendation: The key idea of expanding a large customer is to maintain quality. Keeping quality will attract customers toward the restaurant.

  • Maintaining Key Performance Indicators: restaurant should have set a perimeter of keeping the quality of foods. And On a certain timeline, the restaurant should compare the standard of the perimeter.
  • Keeping Suggestion from customers: As an organization is run to serve its customers, it is important to get feedback from customers. Customer prefers to provide an original review of Based on their review, the restaurant can keep up their quality.
  • Training arrangement for the employees: When new employees are recruited, the chances of making mistakes by the newcomers in the company is high. So to avoid any kinds of mess up and to maintain the quality, an organization should make an arrangement of training for the new employees.

Social Engagement Recommendation: A key issue of the restaurant business is to be engaged with society. The best way of being engaged with society is by playing CSR

  • Playing Corporate Social Responsibility: Playing CSR means to do something which will bring immense betterment for any restaurant. It delivers a positive message toward a potential customer of the restaurant.

Other recommendation:

  • Ensuring Services after sales: A restaurant needs to make sure that its customer service is too much extensive before obtaining the desired profit and a large customer base. Even this is not the end of the story. The restaurant has to come up with ensuring services after sales to make a customer loyal toward themselves.
  • The inclusion of Robotics: We are living in an era where technology is the key to everything. Everything is being digitalized nowadays to make service much easier for consumers like nowadays companies are running very well which have their own app used by their customers. It increases the connectivity between organizations and their respective When it a 5-star hotel, you have to be visionary to bring technology like robots in a working environment.
  • Promotion: Sometimes a restaurant has to come up with an extensive promotional strategy for both ATL (above the line) and BTL (below the line) to position in the market.


The above study focuses on the element which is considered as the most important factors in a restaurant. The above study holds a brief clarification of critical thinking. Where the reader of the study will get a broader séance about the importance of critical thinking. Apart from these, the most vital point of the study is to provide the ideation of attitude, values. Any reader can easily understand what is the importance of having beliefs attitude and values in an organization. The study holds a business scenery, based on which the experience on the crucial matter is discussed in this assignment. The study related the relation or application of management theory in the restaurant. The above study also holds what the recommendation could be for a restaurant.