Describe how it relates to DNA Fingerprinting

  1. On your chart, label the positive (+) and the negative (-) ends. Circle the suspect's DNA who matches the DNA at the crime scene and write the name of the suspect.
Circle the suspects DNA
  1. For each of the following tasks performed in the activity, describe what they are actually simulating.

Cutting the DNA into fragments: Cutting the DNA into fragments is just like how the forensics scientist’s add a chemical into the sample to split the DNA strands so that the scientist can look at each individual strand alone

Taping the DNA onto the large paper: This is like when the forensics scientists actually compare the DNA.

  1. For each word below, describe how it relates to DNA Fingerprinting:

Polymerase Chain Reaction: This is what replicates the DNA
Gel Electrophoresis: used to distinguish between samples of the genetic material

Restriction Enzyme: Samples the DNA is cut by

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