Depot-level maintenance work Sample Assignment

1. Depot-level maintenance work performed by contractors is exempted from the 50/50 limitation so long as:

All answers are correct

2. True/False: PBL is designed to purchase the basic warfighter needs, including Availability, Reliability, and Affordability.

True or False

3. What type of Support Equipment (SE) is designed to support a single system?

Peculiar Support Equipment

4. In depot maintenance, what is the purpose of Surge?

To increase the rate at which systems can be repaired

5. Why are Host Nation and Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) important considerations when deciding whether to employ contractors in an operational environment?

Host nation agreements and SOFA’s may restrict contracting opportunities to host nation companies

6. True/False: Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions that comply with the DoD ATS Technical Architecture should only be used if the acquisition Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) concurs that an approved DoD ATS Family will not satisfy the requirement.

True or False

7. What is the purpose of the Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009?

To limit Weapon system cost and schedule overruns by strengthening acquisition program oversight and accountability

8. True/False: Recapitalization is used to replace obsolete parts and insert new technology.

True or False

9. The DSOR decision to determine whether organic or commercial depot support will be utilized is made by

The acquiring military service

10. Which of the following is a false statement?

Tactics and strategy are two separate, not linked processes

11. True/False: DoD contingency planning is based on the determinations of the Joint Contingency Counsel (JCC)

True or False