Delegation played a part in this issue

Reflect on what you observed in the video as you answer the following:

  1. Based on what you observed, what leadership skills should you, as Masaya’s preceptor, model for your fellow coworkers to promote his acceptance into the work-group or team.
  2. Does incivility seem to be an issue in the scenario?
  3. Describe any common themes you discovered among the article, the video and the Civility Index
  4. Do you think delegation played a part in this issue.

As Masaya’s preceptor, off the bat, I would advocate for his acceptance and comfort in the workplace. I would make sure to introduce him to all of our coworkers and make sure he was being treated with respect and kindness. I would also make sure to ask him about his background and learn as much about his culture as possible. The coworkers relentlessly trying to set Masaya up on dates with the knowledge he is married is extremely inappropriate in any workplace situation, let alone with a new coworker who is clearly against the idea. If I was continuously witnessing Masaya not being treated with the kindness and respect he deserved, I would have no choice but to escalate it to management. “Furthermore, nurses are expected to express their concern to the per-sons observed with the question-able practice and, if needed to resolve the situation, direct their concern to an administrator” (Lachman, p.40, 2015). “Nurse-to-nurse workplace incivility (WI) continues to hamper professional nursing practice, patient care, and the overall health of nurses who encounter this phenomenon in their workplace” (Khadjehturian, p. 638, 2012). I believe that incivility, or a lack of respect for others, is very apparent in this situation. Masaya’s coworkers are blatantly disrespecting his culture, and his wishes. Masaya made it apparent that the issues he brought up were truly making him uncomfortable, and it is not fair at all for any coworker to ever feel that way in the workplace. The article, video and worksheet all give a good insight into incivility in the nursing workplace. Yes, I think that delegation absolutely played a part in this issue. In my opinion, the preceptor who was chosen for Masaya wasn’t the best fit. Someone with a stronger authority or ability to address issues right as they occurred would have been a better fit for someone with from a diverse background.


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