DBMS assignment questions with solutions

1. Data types BIT and BIT VARYING are known as ________.

Answer:- Bit string data types

2. ________ is collection of tables where table is an unordered collection of rows.

Answer:- Relational Database

3. Physical design is tailored to a specific DBMS system.

Answer:- True

4. WWW stands for :-

Answer:- World wide web

5. In a two tier architecture, the software components are distributed over which two systems?

Answer:- Client , Server

6. ________ are binary computer representations of stored logical entities.

Answer:- data

7. Access to a database can be controlled using :-

Answer:- Access Privileges

8. Which of the following is a criterion that should be satisfied by an optimal data model?

Answer:- Structural validity , Express ability , Shareability

9. A ________ is a situation, event or personnel that will adversely affect the database security and the smooth functioning of organization.

Answer:- Threat

10. Different syntaxes used for update command in SQL are as follows :-

Answer:- update set = ,update set = where

11. Database design model help in improving maintainability.

Answer:- True

12. If role B has been previously granted to role A :-

Answer:- Role A cannot be granted to role B

13. Write examples of dbms :-

Answer:- FoxBASE , FoxPro

14. A database must be protected against :-

Answer:- Viruses

15. Each attribute is associted with set of values called as________

Answer:- Domain

16. A fuzzy checkpoint allows transactions to perform updates even while buffer blocks are being written out.

Answer:- True

17. When a particular transaction never makes progress because the data item it wants to lock is already locked and other transactions are also waiting for the same data item then it is said to be :-

Answer:- Starvation

18. A program is a collections of instructions for manipulating data.

Answer:- True

19. The set of all relationships of the same type called as

Answer:- Relationship set

20. Deadlock prevention scheme using time stamps are:-

Answer:- Wait - die , Wound - wait

21. Specify any 2 forms of insert command :-


22. Which SQL statement will show contents of table book, where 2nd character of bookname is 'm' ?

Answer:- select * from book where bookname like '_m%'

23. In a database for geographic information system ________ can be stored.

Answer:- Satellite images

24. ________ is visual representation of Entity Relationships.

Answer:- ERD

25. Some clauses of GRANT command are as follows :-

Answer:- ALL , ON , PUBLIC

26. Which of the following is high level data model?

Answer:- Entity-Relationship model

27. Advantages of Database Management System are :-

Answer:- Reduced redundancy , Sharing of data , Security

28. ________ is the process by which the user's access to physical data in the application is limited, based on his privileges.

Answer:- Access control

29. Diagrammatic representation in data modeling is ________ to represent a model in diagrammatic notation.

Answer:- Capability

30. Entity name is written in ________ in E-R diagram.

Answer:- Upper case

31. The database is partitioned into some number of fixed length block called as pages.

Answer:- True

32. Following are properties of roles allowed for easier privilege management :-

Answer:- Application awareness , Reduced privilege administration , Dynamic privilege administration

33. Database is widely used in banking.

Answer:- True

34. What is many-to-one relationship between two sets of attributes of a given relation?

Answer:- Functional dependency

35. Match The Following


Data files - Stores the database itself
Person who design and implement Database management system modules - Database Management system designers and implementers
Person who design and implement tools - Tool developers
Person responsible for running and maintenance of Hardware and Software in a Database - Operators and maintenance personal

36. File is collection of ________

Answer:- Records

37. The levels of abstraction of data are :-

Answer:- Physical level , Logical level , View level

38. >= ' is arithmetic operator.

Answer:- False

39. DES provides standards based encryption for data privacy.

Answer:- True

40. Block movements between disk and main memory are initiated through two operations namely :-

Answer:- Input , Outpu

41. What is alternative name for functions?

Answer:- Methods

42. ERD captures :-

Answer:- Entity type , Attributes , Relationship between entities

43. Match The Following


Menu driven interface - Stand alone user
Query language interface - Casual user
Programming language interface - Application user
Forms and command code - Parametric user

44. ________are two critical phases in database development lifecycle.

Answer:- Data modeling and database design

45. The set of all entities of the same type called as

Answer:- entity set

46. A graphical user interface typically displays a schema to the user in which form?

Answer:- Diagrammatic form

47. Command to create table catalog having similar structure as book is :-