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Sample Assignment on Database Management System

Dinuki Hire firm is a small family business that stocks general equipment such as garden tools, car maintenance tools etc. for hiring to its customers. A database system is required to simplify management of the business and to provide some financial information and maintaining stocks.

Equipment’s are classified under various categories. Equipment’s are of different brands within each category. Brands are varies in their prices and obtained from various suppliers. The known categories are:

  • Gardening Equipment
  • Building Equipment
  • Access Equipment
  • Decorating Equipment
  • Car Maintenance
  • Power Tools
  • Heating and Lighting
  • Miscellaneous

Prices of equipment offered by the various suppliers as well as the delivery time for that equipment must be kept in the DB.

The firm arranges for business customers only, a 24-hour support to replace any broken or faulty equipment that on hire. Upon receiving a customer complain, an immediate delivery will be arranged to replace the faulty equipment provided that it is in stock. Otherwise, a refund for the full charged amount will be administered. Private customers though, in similar cases, must bring the faulty equipment(s) themselves and replace them with working ones or get a full refund if there isn’t any available in stock.

Business customers are given various membership categories for discount purposes. These are silver, gold and diamond memberships. Silver members get 10%; Gold members get 25% and Diamond members get 40%.

Hiring equipment’s for private customers are restricted to those who live within 5 miles radius from their address. This distance from the private customer address is measured on map on the wall and the information stored on the customer record the first time the hire equipment’s. No such restriction exists for business customers.