Dance Homework Week 4

Dance Homework Week 4

1. What makes a true artist stand apart from other dancers onstage?

Dancers that lead the dance and have everyone follow them. Also they are the ones that make the strongest influence on the audience and are mostly the ones that everyone looks at.

2. How often does a dancer need to train?

Most Dancers would dance six to seven hours a week.

3. What are the most important characteristics that a dancer should possess?

These are some of the important characteristics that a dancer should possess physical stamina and fitness, perseverance, memory retention and other qualities to showcase enjoyable performances for their audiences.

4. If you were a choreographer and you were holding auditions, what qualities in a dancer would be important to you? What would you look for and why? 

I were a choreographer I would look for people who are open minded and that have the passion to be the best dancer that has ever lived. Also, I want dancer who are always willing to try something new and just make up ideas and put it together until you make a new dance.

5. Have you ever seen someone dance that you would consider to be an outstanding performer? What was so special about them and what made you feel that way about them?

She is a famous belly dancer in Egypt (Fifi Abdu). The way she is able to go control every muscle in her body and also even when they were no music playing she was able to keep dancing and stay on rhythm like if there was music playing.

6. What makes these dancers (Baryshnikov, Guillem, Tiler Peck, Misty Copeland, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon) stand apart from others? - give specific examples from each of the artists' work.

In Baryshnikov he was an artist hat did not give up even when he was told that he was not working hard enough and not sweating enough. Also, his dance was very peaceful and calming to watch.

In Guillem, it was unique because in one of the videos her and her partner moved as one and were in prefect rhythm and in her other one it was very beautiful how she was able to be moving very quick and jumping on her feet.

In Tiler Peck, it was beautiful because she was very light and quick on her feet. Also, as I watched the dance it started reminding me of dance in black and white movies.

In Misty Copeland she brought life to ballet by sharing her experience and stating how she feels when she does 4 burets. She said “she feels like that she can jump higher than ever.” Furthermore, she did not let her past of growing up in a poor family of becoming one of the best dancers.

In Fred Astaire, it is different and unique because he sings and use words as he is dancing with a cane and a hat. Also, the tap dancing is one of the best dancing because of the rhythm it brings makes you just want to get up and dance too.

In bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, it was unique it even though the dance and song were about pain it was very fun and joyful that it you were in pain it would cheer you up. Furthermore, the dance just makes you want to get up and move because of the amount of energy that is being used.

In the Michael Jackson, it was unique because the energy and excitement that were put in the movements and that singing just brought much joy and energy to the whole place. All the audience start to clap and be on rhythm as he sings and dances.

7. Which of these artists are you most drawn to and why?

I am drawn most toward Michael Jackson because I enjoy that the amount of energy that he uses as he dances and sings. Also, there is a lot of movement that is involved in the dance.

8. How can you relate to training, what have you worked on in your lives that has required serious commitment and discipline? Have you seen progress and skill as a result?

When I use to play football and I wanted to be one of the best players to have ever played at my school. I worked for two summers straight on everything I need to work on. I use to go 8 hours straight of practice and working out so I can be great. When my senior season came I had a break out year and I broke all of the receiving records at my school.