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Cyber logic system is successful cybersecurity company that is looking to expand their business operation to various other countries like Europe and South America. But there is an issue that company facing in supply chain to deliver their services to the new region; it required various new vendors that are aligned with company objective to serve their services into new countries. A supply chain management elements is discussed into the report to understand the companies issues and how it can be managed and the importance of the having good relationship with the vendor benefits the company and ways are discussed to manage good relation with vendor.

Question 1:


Cyber logic system is looking to expand their business into other countries, which required a proper analysis on the key elements of supply chain, so company can decide whether it is possible for the company to expand their business or not. So the key four element of supply chain that decides whether to proceed with the expansion plan, it define the supply chain management to make better decision into the organization (Badwi, 2022).

(i) Procurement (ii) Operation (iii) Distribution (iv) Integration

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The phase begins with the procurement element, starts with the acquiring of parts, components, or administrations. In any case, it does not end with the acquiring part. Obtainment must guarantee that the correct things are conveyed within the correct amounts at the proper area on the required time plan at negligible delivery cost. This implies that obtainment should be done while keeping in mind that who ought to provide the units, the components, or the administrations. It must look into these issues with all the suppliers that are involved in the process of acquiring the articles that are used in cyber logic System Company and must be guaranteed by supplier for deliver the service or product on time because identifying the suppliers that deliver the service on time and align with the objective of company is the main issue for any company that looking to expand their business.

Coming to the second element Operation, where the key role like inventory control and Quality management after obtaining all the raw material and services in the first phase now, it requires deliver the items or the administrations that matches the requirements of its customers. It must carry out this change in a productive and effective way for the advantage of the supply chain administration framework. That helps in performing the operational exercises that most specifically relate to supply chain administration. In this element companies main issue that needs to address is proper quality check while delivering the service and deploying all resources correctly to reduce wastage.

In the third element of supply chain management Distribution, plays the major role to connect with the client especially, in cyber security business time is crucial when system suffers any cyber-attack it requires early assistance or maintenance. The product needs to dispatch on time by following a certain procedure of the company. But the issue in this element is to manage the timely distribution of product and service but this issue can be solved by deploying any CRM software that computerize interactions with clients and encourage the improvement of deals prospects through program packages. Most little businesses will begin utilizing CRM as it implies of reaching current clients and future imminent clients. They then move on to program that automate the whole deals process.

The last element is the Integration, where the all element and service are managed and monitored with coordination of the entire departments or channels. Especially in the case of Cyber logic system the major issue is to connect all three suppliers and make it integrated to function well and deliver the services to the client. This required a common framework which must be followed by all suppliers and share information to each other.

Question 2:


Supplier connections minimize the possibility of risk and guarantee progression of supply chain activity. Employing a supplier evaluation prepare to vet and certify suppliers makes a difference in companies distinguish the individual or the vendor who can meet both assignments. A certified supplier dependably conveys and maintain the quality and keeps the cost low. Also, in a few cases, certified providers give materials of such steady quality and continuously work in favor of the company while providing their service and assistance all this special relation will help the organization to deliver the end quality services to the client. To develop the collaborative relationship will require following steps:

  • Set the mutual win deal perspective: Certified vendors are trade partners. Centering at the viewpoint of deal for progressing to advantage each party that involve in the deal that leads to development and that makes the deal good for everybody. In a mutually benefitting deal it develops the relationship, for long term each party shares a commitment to moving forward each other’s capabilities by transparently do their job at minimal cost and progress efficiencies. By sharing information and skill, companies can make a nonstop change mind-set that leads to economical, developing revenues.
  • Engage more with supplier to work efficiently: By communicating your business goals and objective to the vendors it keep vendor aware about plans and by understanding the vendors objective it helps in benefiting to reach a mutually best deal for long term.
  • Clearly Present your business to the vendor: it is necessary to communicate your plans with the vendor by Providing the service provider real time transparency about company objective to arrange better and alter to changes when it is required (Klugerman, 2022) . Synchronizing trade forms and data trade between companies, counting managing with different frameworks and interfacing using software and interacting with multiple partners.


In a well detailed way, elements of supply chain discussed and the issues that Cyber logic system facing while expanding their business operation into different regions. From that a solution can be derived and good relation with the vendors can be setup in order to benefit the business for long term.


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