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Critical Thinking In Nursing Assignment Help

What is Critical thinking?

Critical thinking is a vital tool in the nursing profession. It involves skills to select the best available evidence to control the risk in the patients. The nurses are accountable to provide high-quality care to the patients. Critical thinking involves the best decision to address the patient.

The nurses are always accountable for the quality and safety in their critical thinking. The nurses owe a duty of care to the patients. They are also responsible for any decision that they take during a practice. They have to justify every decision. So, the nurses have to balance several elements before making any kind of choices. Critical Thinking in Nursing Assignment is a topic that helps you provide the best care to the patients.

Understanding critical thinking

Patient's best health is the main priority in nursing. Critical thinking involves assessing the available options for patients. Critical thinking also evaluates the effectiveness of the decision involved. It also includes the judgements for doing or not doing the actions.

Nurses use various source of information that supports their judgements and thinking. Critical thinking allows patients to attain the best quality of life. It helps the patients to cope with their health problems and achieve the best possible result.

The difference between critical thinking and Judgement

The critical thinking in nursing requires thinking skills to exercise the Judgement. The judgment helps in assessing the benefits of the available options. It also helps in choosing a suitable decision and acting upon it. However, critical thinking is not Judgement, but they are closely related. The decisions that nurse take links Judgement to practise. The analysis allows the nurses to choose the best from the available options.

Critical thinking as a tool for the nurses

A nurse is an individual who has all the specific knowledge about the primary medical practises. The experience allows them to be accountable and manage severe human matters. Critical thinking is a tool that enables nurses to understand the elements clearly. It helps them to come up with the best solutions for the patients.

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To make all the critical thinking effectively, the nurses must possess intellectual abilities. The abilities help them to understand the significance of the case quickly.

Critical thinking and decision making are not limited only to identify the problems. It also involves a wide range of possibilities. Critical thinking enables the nurses to identify the aspects of a given situation; it helps them to foresee the possible outcomes to stabilize the essential condition of a patient. Critical thinking allows the nurses to articulate the prospective for all the situations. It helps the nurses to determine what area requires care delivery.

How variances in abilities help to make a sound critical thinking?

The speed and ability are two essential factors that help a nurse to do excellent critical thinking. These qualities develop with the experience. The nurses who are newly trained may find it difficult, but the experienced professionals are faster and rely quickly on their intuition.

Outcomes of critical thinking in nursing

There are numerous outcomes of critical thinking associated with nursing. Here is the list of few significances.

  • Critical thinking helps nurses in the logical interpretation of the symptoms. It helps the nurses to identify the signs more efficiently.
  • Critical thinking involves the planning of care provides to the patient. It helps in preventing complications during the practice.
  • It allows the nurses to do what the patients would do for themselves with the required knowledge.
  • Critical thinking also allows patients to satisfy their spiritual, psychological, and physical needs.
  • It also helps the patients in passing away with all the dignity.

All the nurses need to analyze the problem within the bio-psychosocial and spiritual sphere. They should examine both the field before making any kind of decision. The nurses can do this while internship while dealing with real patients. However, it also requires an experienced nurse to determine the relevance of the Judgement.

Thinking critically

Being able to think critically is an essential quality that helps in decision making. Critically thinking enables all the nurses to meet the requirements of the patients. Rather than merely accepting the statement, it is better to believe in certain circumstances to provide quality health to the people. Being able to think critically helps the nurses to provide higher-quality care to the patients. Thinking critically also implies that a nurse has knowledge from which they can evaluate the evidence.


The expertise in any field comes through the experience. The experience also helps in making better decisions. It is why the beginners accompany the experienced nurses in practice. It allows nurses to make a decision efficiently in a complicated situation. Working with expertise enables beginners to analyze the complexity of the case. It helps them to choose the best option for the patients. It improves the quality of decision making and helps the nurses to acquire knowledge.

Intuition or perception

Intuitions are the instant understanding of the knowledge. It doesn't involve the evidence of sensible thoughts. In critical thinking, intuition is a process in which the nurse identifies something critical about the patients. Usually, these intuitions are hard to verbalize. When the nurses use their intuitions, it directly comes out of their factual knowledge to solve the problem of the patient.

All the experts' nurse always relies on their intuitive decisions. The intuitions are usually informal that is traditionally on the unstructured calculation of problem-solving. The expert nurses use rapid insights in a situation; they use their intuitions to identify the patterns in the patients. It helps them sense the salient information with deliberate rationality at a time.

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