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What is creativity marketing???

According to Linda Naiman, ‘creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking and then producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.’

Naiman suggested two processes which are important to complete creativity. Creativity is nothing before producing. If you stop at the thinking part then it will be an imagination for you. Thus, he said that creativity is an idea which turns imagination into reality.

Thus we can conclude that creative marketing is the process through which creativity can be employed in the marketing.

Creativity in marketing is done through advertising, public relations and sales promotion.

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Creativity in advertising- It fulfills the psychological, marketing and corporate requirement of the customers. It adds new perceptions and enjoyment to the product. It can be as simple as casting the right actor or character for a brand. Demonstration which is unique is creative. Creativity should motivate and stimulate the consumers to buy the product.


1) Main focus of advertising team of any firm is to keep company’s product in the mind of the customers. A creative ad increases the likelihood that a consumer will recall information about your company.

2) Advertisement should demonstrate the worthy content of the product which impresses the customer. For example- A clown standing near kids store will pull them towards your store.

3) Likeability- Creativity in the advertisement makes the advertisement likable for the customer. It is one of the important tools to stimulate the customers to make them purchase your product.

4) Cost- Though a creative ad might cost you more than a simple one. But it will always yield returns which are more than the dull one. So, the cost in the long run is covered.


  1. Increasing Sales- Creative advertising will result in increase in sales of the product. Though the cost incurred on it might be more than the cost incurred on dull advertising but return will always be higher.
  2. Saving Time- Advertising helps the customer in saving time. When creativity is added to the advertisement, it will let the customer know about the product in a shorter period.
  3. Introduction of the new product- Creative advertisement helps the company in introducing the new product. Creativity in the advertisement can be effective for the new product.
  4. Creating Demand- Artificial demand can be created by using creativity in the advertisement for the product which is not much popular and demanded.
  5. Information- Information is provided by the advertisement to the consumers. Information must b short, simple and apt. But keeping the advertisement to short, simple and apt will not affect much until it is creative.

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