Create a comprehensive project plan


Project (Group Work):

You are required to create a project plan (PMP) that involves, but not limited to, analysis of a real project, either current or recently completed project in a domain you are interested in from a work situation or from your personal life. The project duration must be at least 6 months and the PMP must incorporates the different aspects of the project knowledge areas. The project choice must meet the definition of a project.

Examples include planning for an advertising campaign, development and installation of a new piece of equipment, development of a new system, installation of network, etc.

Weighting: 25%

Length and/or format:2,500 words


Create a comprehensive project plan using appropriate project management tools and techniques, including a scope statement, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Responsibility Assignment Matrix and develop precedence relationships, a network diagram and critical path, and create a schedule that includes resource allocations. It should also include plans for the relevant Project Management Knowledge Areas that would contribute to project success.