Copyright rights assignment

Question 1

The so-called "exclusive bundle" of copyright rights includes the right of performance, which is described as the right to hold public viewings of the copyrighted work.



Question 2

Which of the following is NOT a remedy for misappropriation of a trade secret under the Uniform Trade Secret Act?

monetary damages for the actual loss caused by misappropriation

injunctive relief

criminal penalties, including imprisonment up to ten years

exemplary damages of twice the actual losses if the misappropriation was “willful and malicious

Question 3

What is the main purpose of the "No Electronic Theft Act?"

The law imposes criminal penalties for copyright violations that are linked to corporate espionage

The law imposes criminal penalties for copyright violations that violate criminal laws in the countries of the European Union

The law makes it illegal to "steal" a copyright by impersonating the legal copyright owner

The law imposes criminal penalties for copyright violations to certain instances where infringements are not necessarily motivated by financial gain

IncorrectQuestion 4

In the United States, lists of mere facts or data, such as telephone directories, are protected by copyright law even if their compilation does not require any creativity or innovation.



Question 5

The use of copyrighted material for educational purposes may be exempt from copyright restrictions under the doctrine of:

"innocent receipt"

"fair use"

"first sale"

"independent development"

Question 6

Ideas are not copyrightable; only the expression of ideas can be protected by copyright.



Question 7

The authors of a joint work are co-­owners of the copyright in the work, even if there is an agreement to the contrary.



IncorrectQuestion 8

The category of intellectual property law that gives the least protections and provides the least clarity about what is protected is:

patent law

trade secret law

trademark law

copyright law

Question 9

The penalties under the Economic Espionage Act are generally more severe if an individual is found to have been working for a foreign government.



IncorrectQuestion 10

The most basic definition of a trade secret is:

"statutorily-protected information regarding business practices"

"intellectual property subject to protection"

"a limited monopoly granted by the government to the first creator of a useful, novel and non-obvious invention"

"confidential information that has commercial value"

all of the above