Communication 3310 Essay

Communication 3310

Short essay questions & answers part 2

  1. Osama bin Laden constructed a highly complex and effective terrorist campaign that reflects sophisticated message plans. Can you explain why the successful achievement of his goals does not necessarily show he is cognitively complex as Delia uses the term?

Bin Laden used his speaking ability and charisma to accomplish his goals; he was able to craft person-centered messages that appealed to his followers in large numbers. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that he would have the same influence on people if he were to speak to them on a one-on-one basis.

  1. What practical advice does social judgment theory offer you if you want to ask your boss for a raise?

Analyze the environment and mood of your boss. Don’t assume that what you’re asking for is in their latitude of rejection. The best persuasive messages are the most discrepant from the receiver’s position yet fall within their latitude of acceptance.

  1. Think of your extended family as an organizational culture. What single family ritual might you analyze to interpret the webs of significance you share to someone visiting your home?

Probably our going out to dinner every Sunday night. Each member of my family does their own thing during the week, but we convene at a restaurant every Sunday to fill each other in on current events. That way we’re up to date and can offer support, advice, criticism, etcetera to one another.

  1. Managers use strategy and consent to maintain control over subordinates. According to Deetz, which practice is more effective? Why?

Most modern managers prefer to maintain control through the voluntary consent of the worker rather than by relying on the strategic use of raw power. This is because managerial dominance creates resistance.