COMM 1007 Persuasive research essay, Labouring the Walmart Way

In the persuasive research essay, Labouring the Walmart Way (317-319), Essay Essentials (2011) the author Deenu Parmar explains that Walmart is successful because it pays employees low wages, is against unionization and negatively impacts competitors. The author first explains that Walmart is known for unethical labour practices: paying its workers too little for survival, making them work excessively hard due to deliberate understaffing (318). Parmar then demonstrates Walmart can profit from treating its workers so poorly through anti-unionism this is frequently illegal, but Walmart would rather pay court bills than its workers. Third she explains that Walmart’s practices pressure other retailers to adopt similar practices because if they do not, they will go out of business (319). In conclusion, the essay suggests that Walmart is prosperous as a result of paying employees low wages, opposing unionization and negatively impacting competitors.