Cloud Based Architecture Sample Assignment

Definition of a Cloud-based architecture

Cloud-based architecture is referred to the collective components used for the maintenance of cloud computing. These components mainly comprise of the front end working platform, the back end storage devices and the cloud based delivery which are all interconnected with the help of a network.

Software architecture

It is nothing but a cloud-hosted Mongo DB service engineered that is being run by the team that has been build the database.

Cloud Based Architecture img1


  • OpenSSL working as a cryptographic library
  • Patches are being distributed
  • Close relation between the service provider and vendors for enhancing security
  • Security and Privacy are top most concern
  • API clients checking SSL fingerprints for updating password


  • It can be highly secured
  • Security certifications up to high standards
  • Cache data automatically flushes


  • Problems are being sub-divided
  • Next order of magnitude is being used
  • Identifying and addressing all the bottlenecks
  • Clear integration within the infrastructure
  • Well defined integration points


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