CIS 3355 analysis of video content

Ex One - 03

Worksheet for Analysis of Video Content

Big Ideas Section (Complete Last)

Write three paragraphs. The first two paragraphs summarize the big ideas talked about in each of the two videos you analyzed. In each of these paragraphs, include a statement of the specific service operation process that the video is about. Each video should relate to one of the IT service operations processes of incident management, problem management, event management, request fulfillment, or access management. Each paragraph should summarize your notes from watching the video (the note taking area follows this section for the summary paragraphs), include the process it is about, and summarize the big ideas. The third paragraph should compare the two processes your learned about, discussing similarities, differences, and importance to service operations. Use your best writing skills.

The first video watched was a video titled “Problem Management Overview”. It was a video about the cause of related incidents and managing your problem. The problem management focused on the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of problems. The overall goal of the video was to show how we can analyze a problem and break it up into manageable parts. It is not expected that one user be able to solve an entire problem. A lot of times, there needs to be a system where people can document and collaborate towards fixing a problem and finding a solution. Problem management as discussed in this video seeks to minimize unwanted outcomes and negative impact of incidents. They also discussed problems on the business that are caused by errors within an Information Technology infrastructure. The last part is to stop the problem from happening again. In order to do this, there needs to be a Root cause of incidents, logs and documentation of known problems and errors, and actions in place to improve and correct the given situation.

The second video is titled “ Creating Service Catalog Execution Plan and Workflows”. The video covers: the Service Catalog request fulfillment, execution plan versus workflows, creating an execution plan, and finally creating a workflow. Every time a request is made in any working place, the fulfillment of that request happen. The fulfillment progress requires many people in different departments, many sets of tasks, and the approval of each department supervisor. In general, the fulfillment progress can separate to execution plan and workflow. Therefore, choosing which process will depend on the complexity of the request.

 Both processes are vital to service operations. They help to proactively prevent recurrence of incidence relating to errors. Management of these process is important to monitor because it provides valuable feedback to a company. Problem management can help to identify the problems and manage fixing process. Request fulfillment controls the lifecycle of service requests from the users. These two services have an important role to maintain the satisfaction of users in any working place.

Worksheet for Analysis of Video Content

Video #1 Details Section

Notes: The video defines Problem Management as the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of all problems. After identifying a problem we can then create associated incidents. Several users submit incidents, and then a service desk agent can then view this. This is the first part of managing a problem is observing what’s wrong. Then there is a Root Cause Analysis done to find the cause of the problem. After a cause is discovered, then a change request can be made. Documentation of the problem and finding the people who can fix the problem is an important part of this process. It is good to have a service management program that can document the problems in tasks. When there is a problem without a solution, sometimes there is a team of people trying to find a solution. After the corresponding members address the problem, then the state of the task can be changed from Open to Closed/Resolved. A closed task in problem management usually means it is resolved. After the state of the task is closed, then the problem can be closed. Then the related incidents will be moved to a resolved state.


Problem Management Overview

Duration: 9:28

Producer: Is the video produced/sponsored by a corporation? No

Presenters: The presenters are the Service Now Platform from the ServiceNow Support group

Date Posted: Sept 29 2017

Date Viewed: Feb 06 2020

Corresponding Content in Gallacher and Morris Book: Chapter 11, Page 253.


 Problem : defined as the underlying cause of one or more incidents.

Reactive Problem Management : solving problems in response to one or more incidents.

Purpose: The purpose of problem management is to manage lifecycle of all problems from first identification through further investigation, documentation and eventual removal.

Worksheet for Analysis of Video Content

Video #2 Details Section

Notes: The video introduces Request Fulfillment in Service Catalog via execution plan or workflows. Service catalog application helps to create multiple catalogs which provides to customers, suppliers. When someone request a service from catalog, various employees in company perform a series of actions to fulfill the request. These people, groups of activities are specified in execution plan or workflow. First you define a request fulfillment for the item. For example, Delivering a Corporate Standard PC consists of: user submits a request and get approved, the procurement dept obtains the computer from supplier, next IT team configure and install software to computer and the install at the user’s desk. If the request is more complex and need more set of processes to fulfill, Workflow involves. Executing plan has many tasks and involves request manager, procurement manager. You can add task until executing plan complete. User can copy and customize workflow or create new workflow.


Title: Creating Service Catalog Execution Plan and Workflows

Duration: 10:55

Producer: Is the video produced/sponsored by a corporation? - No

We are not interested in which video production company made the video, but rather is it a video that Dell or SAP or some other company paid for to promote some aspect of its business?

Presenters: ServiceNow Support

Date Posted: Jun 30, 2017

Date Viewed: February 7th, 2020

Corresponding Content in Gallacher and Morris Book:

Chapter 12

Topic/Section: Request Fulfillment

Page numbers for the book: 271, 272


Execution plan: defines simple, linear processes consisting a set of tasks, each task specifies activities and people who performs the task.

Workflow: help to fulfil request which is more complex and consists of more task than execution plan.

Ergonomics: process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them.