CHR 1243 Human Resource Management





  • To enable students to practice basic analysis on the human resource concepts and practices.
  • To enable students to apply their planning and writing skills.


  1. This is a group-based project. The group is divided by the lecturer (Note: no changes of members are allowed).
  2. Answer all the questions given.

Read the article below and answer the following questions.

When Google Inc. topped the ranks for the most popular companies in the world, it could no longer contain the number of applications it receives from thousands of job hunters from all over the globe. And since the company aims to hire only the best employees that fit the organizational culture and standards of Google, the company started thinking of ways to better improve its recruitment and selection process for its would-be employees. The Google management sought the aid of its highly-competent and well-skilled technical staff to find ways to quickly go through and review the millions of applications it stored in its recruitment database. The management decided to focus on the distinct behavioural characteristics and personality that separates Google employees from any other employees in other companies. It shifted its focus from academic qualifications and technical experiences to the application’s personality, creativity, leadership capacities, innovative and non-conventional ways of thinking and the applicant’s overall exposure to the world. The academic qualifications and the intensive job experience just came in as second priorities of the company in choosing the best candidates for any open positions. Since then, the Google company not only became known for its outstanding and “luxurious” job compensation and benefits packages it offers its employees, but also in making use of some of the most powerful recruitment assessment tools capable of picking the best employees in the world that fit the standards set by Google.


  • One of the most notable statements of Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google Inc. is that “Google invests in people.” From your perspectives, why is it important for a company to invest in people?
  • Discuss how Google company uses recruitment techniques to find and attract qualified job applicants.
  • Identify and explain the main activities involved in the selection process by Google.
  • Describe the main activities involved in the interview process before Google could decide to select the best potential candidate.
  • Discuss some of the ways that Google use to provide good working environment and job satisfaction among its employees.
  • Read the article below and answer the following questions. Striving to be the “best first job,” McDonald’s knows many of its employees are at the beginning of their career path. Some, still in high school, may not have the resources to attend college and are beginning to wonder, “What happens next?” Some may be working to finish high school or college to gain the skills and education requirements needed to take the next step in their careers. Still others may be looking to sharpen their English skills to communicate better with customers and open more doors in the future. Supporting employees’ unique personal and professional goals would call for an innovative, comprehensive, solution - which is why McDonald’s launched Archways to Opportunity® in
  • The Archways to Opportunity program helps McDonald’s employees across the globe improve their English skills, earn a high school Diploma, work toward a college degree, and create an education and career plan with the help of career advisors.


  • Explain McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program and how does this program help its employees to improve and further develop better career.
  • Discuss the training methods practiced in McDonald’s. Give suitable examples.
  • Describe how McDonald’s provide a good learning experience to its employees. Give examples.
  • Explain some of the strategies that McDonald’s use in human resource planning activities.
  • Describe some methods used at McDonald’s to conduct employee performance appraisal.
  • Starbucks core value is its employees because they are the most important asset. A culture of respect to employees and well-developed environment have led Starbucks to produce the best working quality for customers and an increase in profits. Starbucks stood out for its employee-friendly policies and supportive work culture.
  • Explain the main roles and responsibilities of Starbucks management in retaining its employees for a long time.
  • Identify and describe the monetary and non-monetary compensations provided by Starbucks in order to motivate and encourage employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Starbucks implemented a plan called “Partner Connection” to help the workforce with health and fitness, and to link employees with shared interest and hobbies. Describe this plan and how it has helped the working condition of the employees?
  • Discuss some of the main strategies that Starbucks apply in providing health and safety work environment. Give suitable examples.
  • (a) Misconduct is the common ground for dismissal and this refers to unacceptable behaviour of an employee in relations to misconduct related to duty, related to discipline and related to immorality. Describe the main procedures for employee misconduct.
  • Explain the conditions of working hours and overtime in relations to Malaysia Employment Act 1955.
  • Maternity protection is covered under Part IX Malaysia Employment Act 1955. Discuss the coverage in relations to Section 37(1) Employment Act 1955.
  1. The marking criteria for this project assignment is given below:
    • Overall content arrangement based on requirements and format (5 Marks)
    • Introduction and conclusion (20 Marks)
    • Contents and explanations (40 Marks)
    • Elaboration of the points and justifications are related and consistent (20 Marks)
    • Preparation and attachment – visual graphics or any figures / tables (10 Marks)
    • All necessary items (in point Number 5) are arranged accordingly (5 Marks)


  1. Your report should contain the following:
    • Title Page, including the given title in full (on the cover page)
    • Table of contents
    • Cover letter – submission letter of your project assignment
    • Declaration
    • Purpose/objectives of the project assignment
    • Executive Summary and Acknowledgement
    • Report content should be organized into numbered sections under appropriate headings
    • Appendices, which should be numbered
    • Reference list
    • For the report, DO NOT SIMPLY COPY PASTE – rephrase, rearrange, quote, etc.

ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (1) Assignment Format (Report)

Font Type

Times New Roman

Font Size

Size 12


1.5 Lines

Paragraphing Alignment


The report must contain page numbers

Provide with the Table of Content for easy reference

The report must provide with REFERENCES

The report must provide with DECLARATION/CERTIFICATION

The report must be printed and comb binding (DO NOT USE A TAPE)

Use the latest cover page

(2) Assignment Submission

The project assignment given is due on the assigned date. AS THIS IS THE EXAM-BASED

ASSIGNMENT, the REPORT must be SUBMITTED BY 20 DECEMBER 2020 (SUNDAY) BY OR BEFORE 5:00 PM. Those late submission after the deadline will be given ZERO (0) and you are automatically considered to FAIL for this exam.

(3) Plagiarism

Students MUST provide a source of references to ensure that plagiarism is avoided. Penalty will be given if the student fails to provide the source of references and if the report contains more than the plagiarized contents, the report might be subject to being rejected and given 0. Avoid from copy and paste 100% from the sources, paraphrase the wordings.

(4) Rubric Grading Criteria (Report)

The assignment is based on the Rubric grading criteria to ensure effective and professionalism in marking and overall assessment.



Not properly organized and arranged; not properly in order.

Most ideas were not well-developed; some main points lack details; the contents were not properly presented.

Fails to follow all the requirements with improper alignment; not clear

No references at all to support the report

0 – 49 Marks


The task organized but needs some improvements and amendments.

Some ideas need to be detailed out; good presentation of contents

Meets the format requirements; some parts need to amend (paragraphing, sentence, organizing, etc.); some points are clear but may lack variation.

Needs to add some more references to support

50 – 60 Marks


Good organization and nicely arranged according to sequence.

The content is clearly stated to relate with the criteria in the assignment brief; showing good arrangements of details.

Structure is arranged accordingly; points are clear but may be with few errors

Good task with good references.

61 – 79 Marks


Well-organized and readable includes; clearly points out the related topics.

The content meets the criteria; good findings with details; well-presented.

Outstanding style with good order; attention to detail; neat and professional look.

The reported provided with reliable sources of references.

80 – 100 Marks