CHCEDS001 Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements

Activity 1

List ten behavioural guidelines that might be included in a Code of Conduct for the teaching profession. 100–150 words

  1. Professional Conduct, high standard of professionalism
  2. Teachers provide opportunities for all students to learn, the same opportunities to learn, catering for their individual needs.
  3. Teachers treat their children with courtesy and dignity, ensuring everyone is respected and their rights are met.
  4. Teachers are always in professional relationship with the students in their school, whether at school or not. Always uphold a professional relationship with students and not violate or compromise and limits/ boundaries with students, including sexual relationship, attending social events with students.
  5. Collegiality is an integral part of the work for teachers.
  6. Teachers value their professionalism and set and maintain high standard of competence
  7. Teachers are aware of the legal requirements that pertain to their profession.( discrimination, privacy, health and safety)
  8. The personal conduct of a teacher will have an impact on the professional standing of the teacher and on the profession as a whole. ( role model, respect laws, high standard)
  9. Teachers work in collaborative relationships with students’ families and communities, ( cultural)

List seven sources from which you can get information about legislation that affects education workers.

  1. Employers
  2. HR department in educational facility
  3. Government Website
  4. State education departments
  5. Unions
  6. Other staff, meetings, training Networking with others in the industry
  7. Professional Associations (teacher’s associations)

Activity 2

If you do not understand how legislation, in particular, privacy or health and safety legislation, applies in schools why should you ask the supervising teacher to explain and clarify? 100–120 words

It is important to have a great understanding of the legislation, so you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you to do in certain situations, privacy and healthy and safety legislation need to be extremely known for the safety of a child as well as you knowing your legal rights as well. These are legal requirements to know asking a supervisor for an explanations or clarification is a good idea to ensure you have the correct understanding of your legal responsibilities are to ensure a lawful safe environment within the organisation/ school. It is also important to keep updated with any changes made to the legislation.

Activity 3

A child tells you that their mother is an alcoholic who frequently slaps and punches them. They beg you not to tell anyone, as they are afraid that if their mother finds out they have told you, she will beat them again.

You are conflicted; you do not want to child to be endangered and you know you are required to report the disclosure, but you feel that this could contravene privacy legislation. You are not sure which legislation you should comply with.

  1. How would you determine what you need to do?

I would keep in mind the child’s privacy rights and disclose the child’s encounter taking notes of what the child has disclosed to me to my supervisor ensuring the child’s safe from further harm. As it is a legal requirement to report all suspected abuse and neglect a supervisor it is passed on to the relevant child protection authority correctly.

  1. What should you tell a child when a conflict like this arises?

i would tell the child that i need to pass the information onto people who can help, i would ensure them that their safety and well-being will not be harmed by me passing the information on. i would tell the child that only those who can help will be told about the information they disclosed to me.

Activity 4

List ten forms of legislation/ regulations that apply in a school setting?

  1. Bullying , harassment, discrimination
  2. Equal employment opportunity
  3. Fair work
  4. Freedom of information’s
  5. Mandatory reporting
  6. Health and safety
  7. Privacy
  8. Legislation covering the management of : records, volunteers, procurement
  9. Compulsory school ages
  10. The establishment and registration of schools

Briefly outline and give examples of what should be included in an anti-bullying policy. 250–400 words

An anti-bully policy should include a description of what bullying is:

A act performed by an individual or group such as verbal, physical, social or psychological directed at an individual or group that poses a risk to their health and safety.

 A brief description of what forms of bullying there is:

  • Physical: hits, trips, pushing, damage/theft of property, causing injury.
  • Verbal: Threats, name calling, insults
  • Emotional: Can be caused from physical and verbal bullying
  • Racist: racial remarks/name calling, acts against someone’s race/ cultural background
  • Sexual: verbal physical acts against someone’s sex,
  • Cyber: The use of any electronic device to bully a person- messaging, intimidation and threats.

Some signs of bullying- Crying at night , nightmares

  • Refusing to talk about what’s a matter
  • Unexplained bruises cuts scratches
  • Refusal or reluctant to go to school
  • Poor social skills
  • Anxiety
  • Low self- confidence

Bully prevention strategies

  • Education- staff students parents
  • Early intervention
  • Team building
  • Regular risk assessments – environment,
  • Records of bullying maintained / updated

Who to Report bullying too:

  • Staff
  • Principal
  • A trusted adult
  • Counselor

 What to say/ offer those who have been bullied:

  • Be there for them
  • Find suitable place to talk ( discuss problem privately)
  • Listen no interruptions
  • Take note , details so you can record/ document
  • Praise for coming forth, and speaking out.( not ok to be bullied)
  • Ask the student if they feel safe. ( if not implement short term safety measures)

Intervention process of a bully.

1st interview and bullying documented

2nd interview, bullying documented, principal visit, parents contacted

3rd Bullying documented, principal, parent and student interview

4th Bullying documented, principal, parent and student interview. Student suspension

Staffs Responsibilities: Ensure the policy is implemented and followed by all students and staff.

Activity 5

An opportunity arose for an education support worker to help a student with poor numeracy skills. You indicated that you would be interested but the supervising teacher said that you would not be suitable for the job because you are a female and males generally have better maths skills.

What legislation is being breached here?

Equal opportunities- sexual discrimination

You reported the incident in October. You were told the principal would look into it after the Christmas holidays. Is this acceptable? 80–100 words

No, waiting until after the school break is not acceptable that would be almost 4 or 5 months after reported, to many variables can change and the act may be committed yet again. All reports should be dealt with swiftly, some incidents may take priority but all need to be sorted as soon as possible. Once reported to the principle in October they should have started an investigating so the appropriate action can be taken.

Activity 6

Sometimes employees do not follow procedures. List six reasons why this could occur.

  1. Impossible- have to break child privacy procedures in certain situations.
  2. Impractical- can’t always include everyone.
  3. Lack of knowledge of the procedures / procedures changed without notifying staff
  4. Accessibility to documentation
  5. Procedures not written precise and clear
  6. Laziness

What actions should an employee take if they consider workplace procedures are contributing to non-compliance? 100–150 words

If an employee believes workplace procedures are contributing to non-compliance they should report this to the principal or a senior staff member, so an investigation can take place, this will be assess /investigated so a corrective actions can be made such as new procedures being made, staff training, or a closer monitoring system etc. All non compliance issues need to be reported to supervisor or head off staff so it can be handled quickly and appropriately to avoid the perception that non complacence is acceptable.

Activity 7

Why is it important to review your conduct and the way in which you comply with legislation, policies and procedures? 50–100 words

It is important to regularly review your conduct and the way in which you comply with legislation, policies and procedures because you need to know how you think you’re doing, make sure your following the policies and procedures correctly, ensure you’re up to date with any changes to any policies and procedures. Knowing your policy and procedures and reviewing them will insure no legal issue or performance issue will arise.


Feedback can also be useful. List five sources of feedback.

  1. Increase performance.
  2. Highlights your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Understanding of expectations
  4. Ensuring your following the rules, adjust if not.
  5. See your progression since your last review.

Activity 8

Where can you find information about the industrial award or certified agreement that applies to education support workers in your state or territory? Provide at least three examples.

  1. Supervisor/ employer/ Principal
  2. Government websites, State and federal, fair work (NQF)
  3. Human resources- contract, job form

Conduct some research and identify the industrial award or certified agreement that applies to education support workers in your state or territory. 75–100 words

The industrial award or certified agreement’s that applies to education support workers in Western Australia are Education Assistance (Government General Agreement 2019, Teachers Aides

Award 1979,), Miscellaneous Government Conditions and Allowance Award 1992, these agreements and awards are certified agreement contract between employer and employees which state things like pay and allowances , sick leave, other entitlements, working conditions. Responsibilities and expectations whilst employed in as an education support worker in Western Australia.

Read the industrial award or certified agreement you have found and summarise one aspect of the award (eg conditions relating to playground duty, behaviour management, first aid etc). 100–150 words

Supervision of Students

Supervision of students is part of the general terms of employment, all education assistance are included in the roster with teachers to assist in the supervision of students whilst they are at recess and lunch, including those assigned to kindergarten and pre-primary classes. Any issues that arise with the supervision of students whilst on break (including lunch and recess) is to be brought to the principals attention so they can resolve.