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CCNET certification assignment answers

How to prepare for CCENT certification?

CCENT is an acronym that stands for Cisco Certified Entry Networking Certification. It is one of the best associate level certifications in the field of networking. This certification is very popular among the professionals who look forward to having a career in the networking industry. This popularity is increasing with each passing day. Since this certification is so popular, most of the people seem to wonder as to how to prepare for this certification.  Before beginning as to how to prepare for this certification, one should know all about it.

CCENT certification is the very first level of Cisco’s huge certification system. Since this certification is the very first level of the certification system, it does not deal with the intricate technical aspects of the Cisco routing and switching and network design. It covers the basic knowledge of networking. The CCENT certification can be termed as an interim step to the associate level in the networking industry or directly with the CCNA and CCDA certifications. It proves to highly beneficial for all the professionals as it validates all the skills that one requires to be at entry-level network support positions. The professionals who are looking to get a job at such a spot, this certification proves to be really beneficial for them. If somebody has gained the CCENT certification, it is a proof that he has all the required knowledge and skills to install, maintain, manage and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network. These branch networks include network security. The syllabus of this certification covers huge number of basic topics such as networking fundamentals, basic security, routing and switching fundamentals, WAN technologies and also configuring simple networks. Once a professional has gained this certification, it is valid for the next three years. Also, once this certification expires, the professional can retake the exam and get re-certified.

CCNET certification assignment answers

As already mentioned above, this certification is very popular and a huge number of professionals take up this certification every year. Since it is so valuable, it is very important for the professionals to prepare for this in the right way and with the right methods. Now before jumping to the tips for preparing for this certification, one must be very clear about the fact that no method of preparation is the ideal method. Every person prepares according to his own set of skills and his own calibre. However, every exam requires the candidates to do some specific things to succeed in that exam. For this exam, some of these things are:

Get your hands on a lab

This is something that is very important for the professional to be well prepared for this exam. One needs to practice in a lab environment before taking the final exam. This experience of working in a lab environment is one of the most important things that a professional can do for preparing for the exam of this certification. Even if you study for ten hours per day, you will still find the exam tough and torturous if you do not take notes and do not practice in a lab. But if you practice in a lab, you can expect the exam to be comfortable and easy at the same time.

Know the exact syllabus of your exam

This is something that might sound very obvious, but many students fail at carefully and thoroughly researching about this. One should be very well aware of what exactly is in the exam syllabus. For the Cisco certifications, it is very easy to do so.  For all the exams, Cisco publishes a written exam “Blueprint”. This blueprint is specially printed to make the students aware of what is covered in a particular exam. Even if after going through this blueprint, the student has some doubts as to how deep to study a particular topic… or what subtopics to study specially under a certain topic, then you can head to the particular discussion forum at the Cisco Learning Network and ask the experts there. In the simplest of words, the student or professional that is planning to take the exam, he should be very careful about what exactly constitutes the syllabus of the exam.

Never rely on just one source for the preparation

This is a mistake that most of the students end up doing. The students or the professional select one bool or source and then prepare with that only. The students must avoid doing so. The exams change all the time and so does the syllabus for these exams. Therefore, relying upon a single source for preparation is nothing but a mistake. Even if a book or video is published today, there are chances that it might be missing something really important the next week. Therefore, the students should always keep multiple sources to prepare from. If they do not do so, they might end up missing out on a key point and end up failing the exam.

Mock tests

Taking mock tests is indeed the best way for a student or professional to prepare for an exam. This is one of the best things that a student can do in order to prepare for an exam. When someone takes a mock test, it works as a review of the preparation for him. When the professional or the student takes the mock test, he gets to realise as to how far he has come on the road to preparation and how far he has to go more. The best part about taking these mock tests is that the student taking the exam gets to experience everything that he can expect from the actual exam without worrying about the results at all. By taking the mock tests, the student can easily get aware of all the rules and regulations of the exam. Also, these mock tests help the students in getting mentally prepared for the exam. By taking these mock tests, one gets used to the kind of pressure that he is going to ta face in the actual exam. The student also gets aware of the structure of the question paper and he also realises how much time it is going to take for him to complete different sections of the exam. Therefore, this is indeed one of the best things that one can do in order to prepare for an exam. One should take as many mock tests as possible before taking the final exam.

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