CC6051 Ethical Hacking Assignment Help

CC6051 Ethical Hacking Assignmentwork 2019

This Assignmentwork is work 50% of your overall grade

The Assignmentwork for this module is to write a report on a vulnerability test that you conducted on an operating system on a virtual machine. You are expected to follow the report structure strictly any deviation from the report structure is likely to mean you will not be marked for work done outside of that. You may choose any type of vulnerability testing; however, you will need to have agreement from your module tutors in order to proceed. Please be aware that some of the techniques for performing this work are only taught at the end of the module so it would be wise to do some research beforehand into vulnerabilities so that you can perform the tests as soon as you gain the necessary skills.

All work on this Assignmentwork, must be conducted with in the law. Please refer to the Computer Misuse Act, if in any doubt consult your tutors.

Please remember that this work is INDIVIDUAL WORK, however, working collaboratively with other students may be possible, however, you must write your own report and produce your own unique set of results.

WORD COUNT FOR THE REPORT IS 1500 WORDS. In order to gain maximum marks, you MUST follow the report structure given below.

Report Structure

Introduction (5 marks)

The introduction must provide a brief overview of the report, it should include a brief description of the type of tests you will perform and the vulnerabilities you are investigating.

Research into OS Vulnerabilities (15 Marks)

This section needs to provide some evidence that you have conducted research into vulnerabilities associated with your chosen OS. You need to briefly list the ones you are intending to investigate; your research should also include possible remedies to these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Test Rationale (10 Marks)

List the vulnerability tests you are about to perform and provide a brief justification of the tests. 

Methodology (10 Marks)

Provide detailed evidence of how the penetration testing was conducted. You may wish to use screenshots for this part of your report. 

Detailed Findings (40 Marks in total (10 marks per section)

For each vulnerability found, give a description of the following:

Source of the vulnerability (10 Marks)

Describe the source and root cause of each vulnerability.

Impact of the vulnerability (10 Marks)

Give an assessment of the impact if each vulnerability was exploited.

Likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited (10 Marks)

Give an assessment of the probability if each vulnerability would be exploited.

Overall Risk Assessment (10 Marks)

Give a summary of your overall assessment of the vulnerabilities you have discovered.

(This section may be put into a table)

Recommendations (10 Marks)

Give your recommendations for dealing with and removing the vulnerabilities you have found and described in your report.

Appendix (5 Marks)

Any information relevant to the penetration testing.

References (5 Marks)

Provide a list of references, this may include books, journals, web sources or other. YOUR REFERENCES MUST BE IN THE HARVARD REFERENCING FORMAT.