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Case study analysis and evaluation


Explanation of business contracts:

According to the case study 1, the business contract was done between Mr. Badar and Mr. Yousuf as Mr. Badar had agreed with Mr. Yousuf to perform as a male tenor in Mr. Yousuf’s marriage celebration party. According to the contract, Mr. Badar was liable to attain 5 days rehearsal for practicing his part prior to the stage performance.

In Case study 2 Seeb seating Company had taken the order of replacing all the seats of the horse racing stadiums and they had made this entire contract for RO 30,000 with Ministry of Sports.

Explaination of business tort:

In the case study 1, it is observed that due to physical ailments Mr. Badar had attained the practice session from only 2 days ago of the final performance. In this moment, the owner of Oman Opera House, Mr. Yousuf had terminated Mr. Badar as treating the entire thing as the breaching of contracts.

Case study 2, provides a vivid picture of business torts where Seeb seating Company had taken the money for replacing all the seats but had done the work very poorly. It caused an severe accident for Mr. Abdullah also. Tort of business is identified in this case study when Seeb Seating company had wanted their complete fees inspite of being a poor quality where heavy rain was also a reason.

Case 1:

Identification and analysis of each legal issue in relation to the relevant laws

Case study 1 is not a complete breaching from legal point of view. Mr. Badar was also a human being where illness is a common thing. In this time, without judging or asking for the proofs about Mr.Badar’s illness , termination of contract from Mr’Yusuf’s end was not legal completely.


From the analysis of case study 1, it can be concluded that maintenance of humanity is highly needed in every business contracts. In every business contract, legal justification or verification of breaching are highly needed. Mr. Badar should ask for a chance to Mr. Yousuf to show his documents to proof his illness.


Mr’ Yousife, the owner of Oman Oper house should give a scope for Mr. Badar to complete his rehersal and to take part in the celebration. Before termination of contract, Mr. Yousuf should give a chance to Mr. Badar to proof his illness with showing any medical certificates or others documents.

Case 2:

Identification and analysis of each legal issues in relation to the relevant laws

In case study 2, from the legal viewpoint, Seeb seating company had breached the contract. As the seating company had made the contract of RO 30,000 for replacing all the old chairs and seats so maintaince of quality in this contract was very important. On the other hand, the Mabela builders, which had made the contract with Ministy of sports to make the parking lot as a perfect one but they couldn’t complete their activities due to heavy downpour. As the work wasn’t completed within 8th September, then claiming of entire valuation according to the contract is not a legal or valid one from any point of view.

Advices to

1. Ministry of sports

Ministry of sports should make the strict supervision the activities of Seeb Seating Company to monitor their quality of raw materials and overall performances. Compromising in the quality is strictly counted as the torting of business. Ministry of sports shuld make the contract with Mabela builders as the per day basis which would save them from a large amount of claim from Mabela’s end without any output due to heavy rain in the Muscut.

2. Mabela builders

Mabela builders should have some legal basis to claim their money from the Ministry of sports. In this aspect, they should take the money of their working days, not the entire amount. Ministry of sports has taken the contract with Mabela, but didn’t get any output due to natural calamities. Ministry of Sports have to provide RO 80,000 to Mabela for their labor cost.

3. Seeb seating company

Seeb seating company has torte door breached the contract as they had compromised the quality of raw materials inspite of taking a huge amount for their activities. Above all, from this case study, it s found to be present that, during the supervision of Mr. Abdullah, the Minister of Sports has slipped off from a chair and being victimized of a severe spinal cord disorders.

4. Abdullah

Mr. Abdullah should cautious of his steps during the heavy rainy season. Due to heavy rain the platforms of the horse racing staidium was very slippery which caused the accident and spinal cord disorders.


It can be concluded from the entire analysis that Minister of Sports had victimized with their contractors like Seeb seeting company or Mabela Builders due to lack of cautiousness or specification in their contract.


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