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The Three Types Of Taxonomy

Alpha Taxonomy

The starting or the initial phase which includes the identification, naming, and characterization of species is known as the alpha taxonomy. If a new species is discovered its name is kept based on binomial nomenclature and its Linnaeus system and the priority is given to the ones whose work is published first while all the issues related to the species are handled in this phase.

Beta Taxonomy

The arrangement of species which is done in the hierarchical systems naturally is referred to as beta taxonomy. This process is carried forward by the evaluation of various characters, features that are observable, structural, and shared. It is about the search for natural systems of classification. Every taxon has diagnostic features that will be unique to that specific taxon.

Gamma Taxonomy

The intraspecific variations along with the evolutionary studies are analyzed in the gamma taxonomy. The study of speciation or the organic diversity’s casual interpretation has a lot of attention in the gamma taxonomy. But as these overlap and integrate, it is complex to dissociate them

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Taxonomy

Who Discovered Taxonomy?

Carolus Linnaeus was Swedish by birth and a taxonomist who was the first one to formulate and adhere to a similar system of naming and defining the plans and animals of the world.

What Is The First Step In Taxonomy?

The classification and identification of organisms in different categories is called taxonomy and the first step in this study is the identification of the organism. In the course of taxonomy, when an organism is discovered, its identification is of utmost importance.

What Are The Three Domains Of Life?

The tree of life has 3 basic domains which are namely, Eukarya, Bacteria, and Archaea in which the last two come under the category of prokaryotic microorganisms and usually have only one cell and no nucleus. And, all other life forms that have a nucleus and a eukaryotic membrane come under the category of Eukarya.

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