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Are you tired of looking for someone who can help you with research essays? Don’t worry, Assignment Help Era is indeed here to assist you with these time-consuming tasks. We have a team of professional essay writers who can assist you in writing an effective research essay such that you can easily score well in them. We ensure that you are able to submit a well-structured research essay to your professor. However, if any queries arise, then you can reach out to our research essay help experts anytime as per your convenience.

Writing a research essay like an expert

All the universities expect you to prepare academic assignments according to the given guidelines. University professors often tend to guide students about effectively including the information from authentic sources. The aim is to enhance the knowledge of the student. Given below are the steps that our online research essay help professionals use whenever they are writing a research essay.

Selection and Development of your research topic is the primary step

The preliminary step in ‘enhancing your research skills’ is the selection of the topic. However, there are many times where universities assign you the topic of the required assessment task of writing a research essay. Assignment Help Era provides you with the platform where you can get research essay help online where they answer the much-needed question of who, what, when, how, where and why by preparing the assignment draft. A draft is a rough outline that forms the base of writing your research essay in the later sections.

Search all possible means of Authentic Sources

How to identify which sources are authentic and which ones are not is a skill that only professionals have. This is why our research essay help experts are the best in helping you get access to the huge sources of information by means of specific databases. Also, there are many library resources, website content, journal articles, newspaper and media. The researchers who provide you with research essay help online advises you to avoid the information on Google because the corresponding search engine only searches to limited files that are stored across the internet.

Evaluation of Every Information Source

The evaluation of every source helps in critical evaluation of the information that you can include in your essay. If such information does not hold any relevance, then your essay might turn out to be misleading. Our research essay help professionals can effectively assist you in forming a base that can be utilised efficiently for your intended aim.

Citing your Resources

You have to cite the sources of your information otherwise your essay might be turned out as full of plagiarism. However, you need to implement the appropriate referencing format followed in your university. If your university follows MLA referencing guideline, then you need to present your information and every reference source in MLA format. Our research essay experts are well-versed with the different styles of referencing such as Harvard, APA, Oxford, Chicago, and a lot more. If you want to learn how to cite your sources, you can speak to them directly through the option of live chat, Whatsapp, email and phone.

Standard essay structure followed by our research essay experts

Here is the standard structure of a research essay followed by our experts:


The introduction is the first paragraph where your essay begins with. It should begin a specific generic statement about your topic that provides specific background information about the given topic. Our research essay help writers will assist you in planning your content and where the needed information can be placed in your essay. However, our experts advise you to write an introduction which is short, simple and effective.


The thesis is the last sentence of your introduction part that provides a strong statement where you can prove what the readers will finally get in the essay. This is the part where you actually take control of the entire essay, however, as our research essay help experts suggest, the thesis statement should be of one or two lines.

Body Paragraphs

Body sections are actually your reason builders. According to our experts who provide you with the research essay help online, this is indeed the section where the evidence in response to the thesis is presented by providing the supporting information collected from authentic sources or your own methodologies. However, you have to ensure that you begin stating your evidence of the second statement only when you have finished the first. If you have any queries, you are free to contact our online research essay help professionals at Assignment Help Era.


The conclusion section is the last paragraph in your essay which typically summarises your entire research essay and how you have effectively reached towards the concluding stage with the help of information.

Finding someone who can do research and write an essay for you

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