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What are Oscillations?

Oscillations can be described as a matter’s periodic variations between two values or about its central value. It is the back and forth variations of any quantity or measure about its equilibrium value in time. Do not get confused with the term “vibration”, as it is used to elucidate the mechanical oscillations of an object. However, oscillations occur in the dynamic system too or more accurately in every field of science.

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Meanwhile, objects in motion around an equilibrium point are called oscillators. The best examples of oscillations are the tides in the sea, a single pendulum’s movement in a clock, the movement of spring, the vibration of strings in guitar, etc.

The movement of the pendulum back and forth creates an oscillatory movement. Likewise, the spring moves downward and then upward repeatedly. A sine wave moving between two points and a central value is the perfect example of oscillation. The maximum distance, the oscillation occurs is known as the amplitude, and the time undertaken for the completion of one complete cycle is known as the time period of the oscillation. The number of occurrences of the complete cycles is called frequency. It is the reciprocal of the time period.

F= 1/T

F here represents the frequency of oscillation, and T is the time period of the oscillation.

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What are waves?

Waves can be described as a disturbance or oscillations that travel through space-time, accompanied by a transfer of energy. Wave motion transfers energy from one point to another, usually without any permanent displacements of the particles of the medium. This means that there is, little or no associated mass transport. They comprise instead of oscillations or vibrations around almost fixed locations. It is important to note that, waves do not transfer mass but energy. Imagine a floating ball out in a sea, not very far away. As the waves propagate towards the shore, the ball does not come towards the shore, it may come eventually due to the tides, wind, or current, but not the waves. The waves will not carry the ball to the shore as it moves the mass (in this case, the ball) perpendicular to the direction of the propagation.

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What are transverse and longitudinal waves?

A wave can be transverse or longitudinal based on the direction of its oscillation. Transverse waves occur when a disturbance causes oscillations perpendicular to the propagation whereas, longitudinal waves occur when the oscillations are parallel to the propagation’s direction, for example, sound.

  • Note: Mechanical waves can be both transverse and longitudinal. But, all electromagnetic waves are transverse.

The description of waves closely relates to their physical origin from each specific instance of a wave process.

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What are Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves?

Mechanical waves need a medium to propagate themselves, for instance, sound waves, water waves, etc. These waves are produced by vibration in the molecules of a medium. Longitudinal and transverse waves fall under this category.

Whereas, electromagnetic waves are disturbances that do not require any object medium to propagate and can easily travel through the vacuum. These waves are produced because of various magnetic and electric fields, and the periodic changes taking place in the magnetic electric fields.

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