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It all began in the year 1912, when the Rutherford model was presented that gave an idea about the charge on a nucleus and after this, it was said all the elements go through a radioactive decay and all the elements emit alpha, beta, and gamma rays. And, it was with the advancement of photons, that the concept of quantum theory and also the spin of electrons was given out by Hund’s rule which says that in case of a parallel spin the electrons will show less repulsion. In the 19th century, the periodic table came into existence with the idea that elements placed horizontally were regarded as periods, and the elements put up vertically were termed as groups. The four blocks in which the periodic table is divided are the s,p,d, and f blocks. Hence, the advancement of inorganic chemistry.

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Let’s get to know the key concepts of inorganic chemistry

Organometallic Chemistry

One of the interdisciplinary science or inorganic chemistry is organometallic chemistry which gained a pace in the last three to four decades. This science has helped in understanding the types of chemical bonds better with the elucidation of the nature of chemical bonds. The organometallic compounds are widely used in industries as homogeneous catalysts and it is the science that mixes up or overlaps inorganic chemistry with organic chemistry.

Transition Elements

An element which in its penultimate shell has partially filled d-orbitals are called transition elements and with this definition, you can find out the transition elements only by looking at their electronic configuration. Some common characteristics shared by the 24 transition elements are that they are metals, lustrous, and solid with high melting and boiling points.

Types of Reactions in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Combination Reactions- In this type of reactions two elements combine to form a product for instance if you combine Barium with F2 it will give BaF2.
  • Decomposition Reactions- In this type of reaction only one element gets decomposed to form two separate products, for instance, FeS splits to give Fe and S.
  • Single Displacement Reactions- In this type of reaction one atom of an element replaces another atom of one or more elements, for instance, CaCl2+2AgNO3 gives Cu+ZnSO4.
  • Double Displacement Reactions-In this reaction two elements of two different compounds displaces to form new compounds.

Some frequently asked questions about inorganic chemistry

Why is inorganic chemistry important?

The study and development of drugs, catalysts, materials, fuels, coating, superconductors, and surfactants is done by inorganic chemistry. Some of the important reactions that inorganic chemistry has are the acid-base reactions, redox reactions, and double displacement reactions.

What is the difference between inorganic and organic chemistry?

Compounds that contain carbon are studied under organic chemistry and all other compounds and their subsets are studied under inorganic chemistry but both of these fields have an overlap which is known as organometallic compounds.

What are inorganic matters?

The matters that are not derived from any living organisms or matters that do not have carbon that is organically produced and it comprises of metals, rocks, and minerals and inorganic matters can be explained well concerning the organic matters. Inorganic matters are highly discussed in assignments given by universities that require inorganic chemistry homework help online.

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