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Study Abroad at the Hult International Business School

A Brief History and Introduction 

Hult International Business School (abbreviated Hult or Hult) is a private business school with campuses in Cambridge, London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York City, and Shanghai. Hult, named for the school's benefactor Bertil Hult, is the successor of an American institution, the Arthur D. Little School of Management, founded in 1964 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and of a British institution, the Ashridge Business School, founded in 1959 in Ashridge, England.

At Hult, your ambition is unrestricted—here, your degree will propel you beyond business to forge your own path and establish yourself as a leader in today's business world. With campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York with an unmatched variety of students, you'l experience global education, not just study about it.

They have created a business school that is forward-thinking by emphasizing leadership development, pushing you with a future-oriented curriculum, and instilling in you the global perspective that only first-hand experience can provide.

Pursue your passions and equip yourself for a future that is changing faster than ever before with highly relevant graduate and undergraduate degrees, a hands-on approach to every class, real challenges from real companies, and courses designed to help you understand the technology shaping the future.

The school serves as patron of the Hult Prize, the world's biggest student competition for social good, which is co-sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and former US President Bill Clinton.

Courses offered at the Hult International Business School

Hult University provides undergraduate, Master's, and MBA degrees, as well as executive education via Ashridge Executive Education, which is located on the Ashridge Estate campus.

Why Hult International Business School?

  1. Great Teaching quality 

The EMBA core curriculum at Hult is intended to provide you with a strong foundation in all facets of business management, analytics, and leadership. Each course includes an example project that demonstrates how they apply theory and methods to actual, real-world situations that you'l face in your future job.

The programs at Hult were created to provide you with the skills and attitude that every business leader desires and every entrepreneur requires. They discovered the most in-demand capabilities across all sectors and functions and incorporated them throughout the program using big data analytics. As a result, you'l graduate with a 360-degree skill set that will continue to develop as your career progresses.

The instructors that teach the curriculum are highly recognized worldwide as top consultants, executives, and entrepreneurs. They bring their expertise, business acumen, and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Many companies increasingly place a premium on interpersonal abilities in addition to formal credentials. To fully comprehend how different cultures think and act, It's necessary to live and work among them on a daily basis, as well as travel extensively. That is precisely what you will accomplish at Hult.

  1. A Chance to Obtain a Global Degree

you'l make your home on one of their beautiful, centrally situated campuses and study your core curriculum there. You’ll then have the option to take electives at any or all campuses, as well as specialist seminars in cities all over the world—so you can tailor your international experience to your personal goals.


This educational pioneer has emerged as a hotbed of innovation. Study business in a dynamic city that attracts ambitious individuals from across the globe to share ideas, cooperate, and create.

San Francisco Hult

Study in this progressive city that values innovation and sustainability. In this city based on networking and entrepreneurial drive, disruption is the name of the game.

London's Hult

you'l study business in a city with more international company headquarters than any other city in Europe, the continent's largest startup cluster, and a long-standing reputation as a worldwide trendsetter.

Dubai Hult

Dubai is an exhilarating city to study business in, with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a “nothing is impossible” attitude. There are possibilities for corporate and entrepreneurial jobs, which means you're in an ideal position to expand your network.

Shanghai Hult

Serving as China’s vibrant commercial and financial center, Shanghai is the region’s most influential city for international trade. Studying at Hult Shanghai, which is located in the center of the city, will give you invaluable insight into Chinese culture and business practices.

Hult New York

The iconic city for those in search of the American Dream, New York is a destination unlike any other. Home to many globally influential companies—Hult New York, located in Manhattan, puts you at the heart of this powerful metropolis.

In your final semester of each year, you can travel to as many campuses as you like to take your elective courses and to any city, you choose for specialist seminars. Stay for an intensive weekend course, or for several weeks. Where you go and how long you stay is completely up to you— the world is yours to experience.

  1. An Entrepreneurial Environment

An entrepreneurial mentality will benefit you regardless of the professional route you choose. At Hult, you will inhabit an environment where you can test new ideas, learn from your mistakes, and develop the fearless heart and mind of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not simply a specialization at Hult; it is ingrained in their DNA. Throughout your degree, as you participate in real-world competitive challenges, you'l discover how your mistakes provide the most valuable learning opportunities. You will acquire the resilience and daring attitude that every entrepreneur needs via personal experience.

At Hult, you have the flexibility to design your own program and develop the necessary leadership, collaboration, and intercultural skills.

  1. Exceptional Career Support

They aim to assist you in achieving your professional goals, whether via customized 1-2-1s, mock interviews, LinkedIn profile analysis, or connecting you with your ideal employer. They understand that each person's history, present, and future are unique and deserving of individual attention. That is why your personal career adviser takes the time to learn about your interests and develop a genuine connection with you.

The career team will jumpstart your career by asking you to join the career gateway program, which includes webinars on critical subjects like effective resume writing, labor market trends, and job-seeking strategies.

Throughout your degree, you may schedule personalized sessions with the career team; these sessions are available for up to three months after you graduate. Additionally, they provide drop-in sessions, making it convenient for you to visit at any time.

  1. Clubs and Societies

Outside of the classroom, some of the most significant learning occurs. With Hult's many clubs, organizations, and activities, you may expand your network, improve your expertise, and follow your interests.

Your time at Hult will be enhanced by the friendships you establish, the organizations and organizations you join, and the wonderful locations in which you will live. Whether you're following your interests or venturing into new territory, your experience will be genuinely transformative.

Diversity is a pervasive theme at Hult, and you can feel and experience it every day. Participating in Diwali festivities, Chinese New Year, and hosting a potluck in a friend's dorm when you're homesick has elevated the experience well beyond earning a degree.

  1. Learn about the world, future, and yourself

Globalization entails doing business on a worldwide scale. However, commercial methods are firmly ingrained in the local culture. To thrive in international business, you must be able to bridge cultural divides and collaborate across cultures. From your first day at Hult, you will be steeped with variety.

Business and social impact are inextricably linked for the next generation of leaders. The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, and the possibilities seem to be endless. At Hult, you'l investigate the disruptive technologies that are driving this shift and the possibilities it may provide for business and the world's most disadvantaged people.

Each of us has both skills and faults. At Hult, they think it is critical to understand your strengths and weaknesses and to understand that every ability can be improved with practice. Skills such as collaboration, influence, and the ability to clarify complicated issues are just as critical to corporate success as knowledge in finance, marketing, and operations. At Hult, you'l develop both of these kinds of abilities.

  1. Accredited University 

Hult entered the top 1% of business schools worldwide in 2018 when it was accredited by the three most renowned international certifying organizations in business education: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. They are the first and only US school to achieve this triple-crown status, which is complemented by the strong position among the most reputable business school rankings including those of The Economist, Bloomberg Business, Financial Times, Forbes, and others. They are always trying to update and better themselves, and they want their students to have the same development mentality.

Hult International Business School is a not-for-profit educational institution recognized by the New England Commission of Higher Education as a 501 (c)(3) organization (NECHE).

  1. Amazing Student Life

Hult International Business School provides a truly global and transformational undergraduate experience by bringing together students from all over the globe to engage in an experiential learning program. The students may base their studies in London, San Francisco, or Boston during the academic year and then attend one of the summer programs at other Hult campuses in Shanghai or Dubai. 

At Hult, you will develop a practical grasp of global business and apply your knowledge via interesting, real-world projects in teams comprised of peers from 136 different countries. You will be required to think critically and creatively in order to solve real-world issues, as well as to build exceptional communication and teamwork abilities.