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What are Fractions?

We have always heard our elders saying that “sharing is caring”, haven’t we? But have you ever wondered what “sharing” actually means? How do we share things equally among a group of people? How about a pizza? How do we divide slices of pizza between two or more individuals? Or what does “dividing the pizza” between two or more people mean?

It is all about fractions. Fractions are an integral part of life in more ways than you might think of. Want to know the other areas of your day-to-day lives where fractions are used? Here are some of them:

  • Cooking: Haven't we been using half-a-cup of water or one-third tablespoon of sugar, a quarter of something else? But when it comes to cooking, we use fractions a lot for getting the recipe right.

  • Money: What do you think are coins, for example, a quarter? A quarter is a quarter of a dollar. Yes, it is a fraction. A dime is, similarly, a tenth of a dollar and so on.

  • Probability: How do we find out the chance of something happening? For example, the probability of getting heads when tossing a coin? It is an illustration of fractions too.

  • Mathematics: Fractions are a part of almost every math topic that you might encounter, for instance, probability, calculus, algebra, percentages, and many more.

What Can We Do With fractions?

We can use all the mathematical operators on fractions, just like we do to numbers.

  • Fractions can be added: for example, ½ + ½ = 1.

  • Fractions can be subtracted: for example, ¾ - ¼ = ½.

  • Fractions can be multiplied: for example, ¼ * ¼ = 1/16.

  • Fractions can be divided: for example, ½ / ½ = 1.

While the above example might seem easy, applying the aforementioned mathematical operators on the larger and complicated fractions often become very gruesome and thus, is not everybody's cup of tea, for instance, when applied to some complicated algebraic fractional equations or when used in differentiation or integration. This usually renders students, both college-going and school-going, to seek fraction homework help from outside.

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