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Are you facing issues in describing the details of your chosen essay topic? Or expressing each feature of a person, place, or thing is not easy for you? If you are facing any of these problems, then you are not the only one. Many other scholars also deal with the same or might be, they have some additional issues too. To help out every learner, Assignment Help Era is offering descriptive essay examples for free. We have a rich online resource library live on our website from where you can search all sorts of academic assessments. Just type the subject code or keyword and get the best descriptive essay example online instantly.

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Definition and Qualities of Descriptive Essay

Our experts who provide the best descriptive essay example in the USA say, "Scholars with poor writing and describing skills face a lot of challenges while creating a descriptive essay. Along with some research, these two qualities are highly required in descriptive writing".

A descriptive essay is a form of writing that describes a person, place, or object in such a way that readers get to know every minor detail. The writer should possess skills of describing something in a manner that readers could get attached to the topic and become curious to know more about it. The details can be explained by using sensory information that allows readers to use their senses of touching, tasting, seeing, smelling, and hearing to understand the essay topic.

To frame an impressive and scoring descriptive essay you must include some essential qualities in your write-up, such as-

  • The writing should be clear and concise.
  • Use imagery to make things remarkable and real.
  • Use five senses to create a mental picture for readers.

By adding these qualities, you can prepare a flawless descriptive essay. You can find well-written descriptive essay examples on our websites to understand an appropriate way of essay formatting style.

In case you find any issues while writing, you can get in touch with our seasoned essay writers in USA anytime. Our experts will guide you at every step, provide you with the best solution to every major and minor query. With the help of essay specimens and our expert's support, you can write an essay that will offer you high academy grades.

Descriptive Essay Examples

Once you will see some descriptive essay examples written by professional academic writers, you will get an idea of framing a scoring essay on your own. So, to help you out, some recent essay examples written by our academic experts are shown below.

In this essay, the writer describes how her grandparents' house is a perfect place for her to visit every Christmas. She has shared the details of her visiting experience in the following way: She tells the feeling about how she drove and arrived at the place, describes the scenery details that pleased her eyes and heart, she also shared how her family satisfied their tummies by having mouth-watering Christmas food cooked by her grandma. In the concluding section, she says, there are a lot of places to visit, but her grandparent’s house is the favorite place for her whole family. Through this essay, she also described the love and unity of her family members.

Here, the writer explains his feelings when he visited his old family farm. He explained the size of the farm and how special it is for his family. The writer shares every scenic detail, his love for pets, and the aroma of tasty food and everything that appeals to his senses. He explains how he was on cloud 9 after reaching his old family farm.

Both the essays are highly appealing and connect readers to know more. By reading these two examples you will understand how to incorporate sensory details in your expository essay. Also, you will get to know the formatting style and uses literary devices and vocabulary. If still, any issue persists in your mind, download our descriptive essay example online and contact our academic experts. They will assist you in eliminating all your queries by offering the easiest solutions. They are highly-qualified essay writers who can frame all types of essays. So, you can contact them for taking assistance on any topic or essay.

For making your task easy our experts have also shared some descriptive essay writing tips through an infographic shown below.

With these tips and the about-mentioned essay examples, you will get a clear idea of framing an expository essay on your own. Just keep all your worries and fear aside and concentrate on the work. There is no rocket science in writing an expository essay of you have the idea of what you have to write and how.

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