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BLOCK HOURSTechnical Support is the services that are provided by a company to its customer. Either they are in the form of a customer executive or there is robotic assistance is provided to the customers and clients. Customer support is one of the significant fields in improving the condition and changes in the company. Customer supports helps the company to enhance the features and services of the company. These are the services that are offered to the users with the help of technological assistance. They help with certain aspect to the customers such as a product service, helps in assisting. Provision, customisation and other types of support service. Most of the product that is provided by the services they provide either in the form of selling, buying, majority of the companies charge for it. Technical Support can be provided via emails, calls, texts, websites, software and sometimes via letters too. There was a time when letters were quite famous. Larger organisations trust the software and technical software for the well-functioning technical assistance. These services are usually available 24*7 and users can find assistance at any time of the day/ night. The internet has provided a platform where everybody can meet its need and the internet has allowed the large organization to grow because customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal that they work for. Technical support has become a good source of assistance where customers .and users find the solution to their query. There are also some organizations which charge an extra fee for the customer support. Certain categories are followed up in the technical support.

Block hours are the certain hours that are purchased from a big organisation at a cheaper price. The clients or users tend to block some hours per hours or a trimester where they have the full flexibility and chance where they can utilise their time according to their will for the settlement of various business purposes. These hours can be used for paying multiple bills and other hassles free work.


Manage services are the services that are utilised from the well-defined response and resolution time. There can be all round the clock services and help desk where customer can ask for assistance whenever they required.


Many companies have this setting where they allow the head and discussion board to use their product and interact about its variability and other things. Such companies work efficiently by reducing customer support by directly working with the demands of the customer.


Almost all the technical operated brands and organisation used this feature where they have a feature of step-by-step help. All it's required to fill the details of their query and then they either get a detailed solution or they have a feature of talking to customer executive on call. It is one of the very popular features because their amount of assistance is required.


Technology and Information technology is getting advanced every day. Upgradation in technology leading to modernity which is shifting the world from the offline to the online. Ad one such aspect is providing the best experience to its customer. This priority demand has led the organisations and big companies to open their call and assistance centre to different countries so that their calling and assistance cost can be minimised. Setting up assistance companies in different parts of the world allows the company to grow significantly. The multi-tiered technical support system is one of the most used systems where assistance is divided among various variation. It is done so that better services can be provided to the customers with specifications. The tier divides the assistance so that customer can directly connect with the executive who can guide him with the solution instead of providing a general service that will offer a messed-up solution. Therefore, a multi-tiered system is used for better convenience


The qualification offers assistance in installation, flaws, repairment activities, collect, retrieve and finding the solution of the problem. There is no specific requirement t get into the course.

There are some rules of packaging that one has to complete during the time of the qualification where they have 200 core unit points and 160 general elective unit points for the competition of the course. Some units contain pre-requirement before the studying of the particular subject. There are also skills relevant to the Electrotechnology training package Companion Volume Implementation (CVIG) too.



Take care of the fabricate and industry component by assembling


Participate and prepare development and encouraging plans


Drawing of certain diagrams and equipment’s and usage of the codes for specification.


Learn the basic repair in the electrical and telecommunication services


Usage of the renewable sources in energy sector.


Deliver the best services to the customers


Prepare and work according to the norms provided.


The Technical support course has a vast scope due to the increase in modernity and the usage of Information technology. Oday operated over the technical system and anyone can reach from one place to another without any hassle. the world can be Since there is a large scope in the field of technical operation. One such growing field is technical support because every company and organisation requires a customer support executive which requires an executive for promotion and problem solution purposes. This course gives you the practical experience as well as theoretical part which is necessary to be covered in the system. The candidate pursuing this course would get a good command over Communication and working over the technical issues. Communication is one of the main concerns in the Technical support department. The government has opened many schemes for candidates who are interested ins such a course. According to the record, candidates who have done this course have a good scope and it is a bright career option. The salary and the incentives involved in the technical support is quite high and it allows the candidate to grow in the field.

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