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Why Are Blood Transfusions Essential?

When the body requires enough blood to function correctly, blood transfusions are required. For example, whether a person has had a significant injury or has lost his or her blood through surgery, he or she will require a blood transfusion. For some diseases and conditions, certain persons need a blood transfusion, like:

Anaemia: This arises when the blood of an individual doesn't have sufficient red blood cells. To some purposes, it may expand, such as if a person does not have enough iron in her/his body. This is regarded as iron deficiency or you can say anaemia.

Liver disease: Liver diseases happens when the liver ceases functioning correctly.

Cancer: Division of cells is known as cancer.

Haemophilia: This is a bleeding condition in which the blood cannot clot properly.

Sickle cell disease: A category of diseases of red blood cells that change the shape of RBCs.

Kidney disease: It happens when the kidneys are impaired.

Types of blood transfusion

There are four common forms of blood transfusions, as per the American Red Cross:

Red blood cell transfusions: An individual may get a red blood cell transfusion when he/she have had a blood loss, if he/she has anaemia (iron deficiency) or when he/she has a blood disorder.

Plasma transfusions: Plasma contains proteins that are essential to health. An individual can receive a plasma transfusion if he or she has undergone serious burns, infections, or failure of the liver.

Platelet transfusions: The platelet transfusions may benefit people with lower platelet levels, such as chemotherapy or platelet disorders.

Whole blood transfusion: When someone has had a severe traumatic haemorrhage and requires white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, a person may undergo a whole blood transfusion.

White blood cells are isolated from the blood due to a blood transfusion by a healthcare provider. It's because there are diseases they can carry. That said, to help the patient recover from an infection that has not reverted to antibiotics, white blood cells or granulocytes may be transfused. Using a procedure called apheresis, healthcare practitioners may gather granulocytes. Our transfusion science assignment help experts will guide you about every detail of the topic and about the subject.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Illustrate extensive knowledge of common blood clustering systems;
  2. Understand and examine the correlation and causation of the newborn haemolytic disease;
  3. Exemplify technical experience of the operation of a blood transfusion service;
  4. Comprehend and evaluate procedures related to the diagnosis and analysis of bleeding disorders.

Subject Learning Objective

Upon successfully completing the subject, students should be able to:

  • Describe the conditions for healthy blood and blood transfusion
  • Demonstrate the Australian and New Zealand Blood Transfusion Society (ANZSBT) concepts of blood group structures, blood group antigens and antibodies that distinguish them
  • Identify and explain how the fields of quality assurance systems, the control of therapeutic products and the Human Tissues Act are used in the sense of transfusion sciences
  • Conduct and interpret laboratory blood grouping, cross-matching, antibody screening and antibody recognition techniques.
  • Understand the concept of transplantation and transfusion.
  • Analyze and consolidate knowledge on transfusion science using databases, regulatory websites, textbooks and research publications to report results to their cohort using written and oral communication styles
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