TLI60115 Advanced Diploma of Materiel Logistics Assessment Answer

TLI60115 Advanced Diploma of Materiel Logistics

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Material logistics includes majorly loading, unloading, storage and transportation of goods present in large quantities appropriately. The process includes round checks and inspections by the inspectors and group of authorities who go to the industry and visit every department where the production takes place with the final step of packaging and labelling and give feedback and a mark of approval to the products and services. Regular inspections at companies and industries make sure to develop good quality products and services with no misleading of products which will satisfy customers with good quality products in a good range of amount.

Quality control in Material Logistics

Quality is defined as meeting the standard requirements and expectations of the clients with respect and appropriate function. Assurance is defined as the positive impact and effect on a product or service which will provide confidence to the product and company ultimately. When it comes to using software for quality assurance you need to follow the steps to ensure the quality of the software related products or services delivered to the clients by the company. Quality assurance focuses on the improvement part in developing software's and qualifying them to meet certain criteria's and standards. The company must do proper planning and establish the procedure with objectives followed by determining the process which can be adapt to deliver high-quality end products, developing testing methods to quality check and make changes as per the requirements, Process monitoring if required modification of processes and checking whether it's matching the requirements and standards, Final implementation of the actions which are needed to reach the improvements in the procedure.

Inspection is defined as an activity that is performed legally to check the quality of products and services provided by the industry and organization. It checks the products quality, manufacture methods, ingredients and other parts of quality check.

Performing SWOT analysis

Risk management

  • Health and well-being of the employees: the employees are considered to be the foremost asset of an organization to ensure their health benefits and wellness it is important to provide a healthy and disease-free environment at the workplace. There have to be immediate medical facilities along with medical insurance policy. Apart from physical well being you should also focus on the mental and emotional well being of an employee to ensure this appropriate cell should be provided with good psychologists who can assist and give the best help and treatments to the employees.
  • Occupational hazards: safety regulations are given for the safe functioning environment for the employees. Any type of sudden injury and mishap can be solved by the availability of an urgent first id box and other washing facilities. Other incidents include slips and falls which will require washing and cleaning these facilities should be available at the workplace. The implementation of new policies and processes and equipment's at the workplace to limit and control the risk exposure.
  • The impact on the environment: Concerning the changing of climatic conditions worldwide organizations are putting their effort to cause less damage to the environment with minimal activities impacting the environment. Ways in which an organization can cause less damage to the environment are using low carbon technologies. Despite travelling to different locations for attending meetings the employees can use the online platform to hold and attend such sessions.
  • Natural calamities and disasters: Organization must be prepared for any type of unpredictable risks which includes any type of natural disasters. The team should work together and corporate security and recovery teams to find and develop any

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We are offering students with the concepts and strategies on Advanced Diploma of Material Logistics and introduces you with the regulatory framework which includes the process of creating execution plans and how it is communicated. We will take you through practical knowledge and skills which are important for strategic analysis and implementing plans for better management. We will develop an understanding of the different techniques involved in creating these plans and types of analysis and reporting. The units provided in the course will make you understand the basic concepts related to project management and how it is implemented and run, what are the acts and regulations behind it.

Description of the qualification

The qualification includes the validation, designing, evaluation, and management of risk, project and it provides technical advice. There is no such licensing, legislation, or certification requirement to the respective qualification.

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