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The success of a French Revolution


The French Revolution has been effectively taking place in 1789 In France and it was a very horrifying event for the people of France that get continued for several years. The revolution has been effectively started with the formation of the National assemblies in France by the people who are belonging from the middle-class third estates and the main reason due to which the revolution take place was the bankruptcy that was due for the debts to the government, due to various conflicts, due to arising of absolutism rule and the ideas for Enlightenment. The revolution has been effectively led to the change political system and the scenario of country France. This revolution was effectively against the country’s nonchalant rulers and it effectively gets end in 1799 when Napoleon gets into power.

About French Revolution

The French Revolution was effectively taking place from 1789 to 1789 and it got successful, and it effectively get to achieve its goal to lower the class of Finance and the revolution has been effectively gotten to obtain the greater power that is required for the third estate. The French monarchy has been effectively gotten to introduce a constitution that could effectively limit the power for the upper classes that are required for making the decisions regarding the lower classes in the country so that it could have more power and freedom within the government and in their daily lives works. While during the past few years all the powers and the freedom of the upper classes of France effectively get within the country and it has a greater majority with the government and while seeing this the lower class of the country effectively get started to revolt for this and then became a force worth after get noticing.

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The revolution gets succeeded in properly obtaining great power as well as freedom from the lower classes and with this effectively created a constitution, and limited the powers of the monarchies, and effectively given control to the third estates that effectively gains the rights, as well as powers from France’s lower classes and due to this at the time of French revolution in 1789 the third estate, was the representative of the lower as well as the upper classes of the government.

The first estate and the second estate were effectively delegating to the clergies and the nobility and at that time the king of France named Louis XVI has been effectively given this power to the third estates because the Bastille has effectively forced the king to do so.

Rising of the Third estates in the Country of France

The population of the country France has been effectively getting changes since the period of 1614 and after that, the third estates members of the non-aristocratic members effectively represent 98 percent of the total people and during this period, they effectively began to be mobilizing the support for the equal representation and in the field of abolishment for the noble veto. They primarily want that they get votes by the head and not from the statuses. Overall, all orders effectively get shared for the common desires for both the fiscal as well as the judicial reforms and also for the representative form for the government.

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Causes for the French Revolution

Political causes for Revolution:

The French revolution effectively gets struggles for the hegemony as well as for the empire outstrips for the state’s fiscal resources. The monarchs at that time having effectively represented themselves as the representatives of God due to the reason that they effectively enjoyed unlimited power at that time and the monarchs engaged themselves as extravagance at the Versailles royal courts and owing to their unlimited power and with the rule of Letter de catches they could effectively arrest any people at any time and imprisoned them.

The butterfly monarch of king Louis XVI having a weekend policy that effectively slows down the economic condition of the country France.

Economic Causes for revolution:

The economic condition was another reason for the outbreaking of the French revolution. As the economic condition of the country effectively becomes poor due to the several wars that have been taken by King Louis XVI. The seven wars are effectively related to the king and the remaining get related with the others.

So, that to effectively get rid of the poor economic condition the king Louis XVI appointed a finance minister for this named Turgot, and Turgot always try to effectively minimize the unnecessary expenses of the royal court and with this he also advises the King to effectively imposes some taxes on every classes society and after Turgot Necker was appointed as finance minister and he effectively published an effective report and that report was the income and the expenditure report of the state.

After Necker, Callone was appointed as the finance minister of the state and he effectively imposed taxes on all societies’ classes, but King Louis XVI dismissed all the finance ministers, and finally, he summoned the General state of the country.

All the economic instability in the country was the important and the major reason for the French revolution.

Social causes for Revolution:

Effectively growth of the industries in the state and also the middle classes got rising. The main cause was that there was not a stability of the social structure in the society. This revolution was effectively getting unable to attain and protect the rights of the lower classes in the society.

Success/Failures of the French Revolution

With all these the French revolution effectively got successful to achieve the rights as well as the freedom of France common people. The newly introduced law named with the national assembly effectively get able to limit the powers of the government secular and effectively separate it from the influence of the Church. The 1791 constitution effectively vet introduced so that it can limit the monarchs’ powers and aristocracy regarding the decision of the government.

The revolution also gets successful for effectively obtaining the rights and freedom for the society’s lower class.

Overall, the main and the biggest reason for not getting successful the French revolution was that it could not get effectively able to create a stable form of the government and with also the amount of war and terror in the state that took place and for not forming a successful form of the government several people have to effectively lose their lives in the wars and the terrors. France generally gets to war with Paris country due to the reason that its main aim is to effectively destroy the country Paris and with all the reason that was connected with France it could be effectively seen that the French revolution was completely unsuccessful. So, it could be effectively seen that the French revolution mainly get fails but it also has a minor-league success.

Outcomes of the French Revolution

The French revolution generally gets risen with various outcomes. These are:

Spreading up of the enlightenment ideas around Europe country and the domino effects of the revolution. During the time of the revolution, the monarchies that were around the country of Europe has been effectively disturbed by the wars that have been taken place in France.

The socio-economic of the country gets effectively change. Some changes were made like the establishment of the single commercial goal and effectively abolishing of the guilds and the businesses becomes an admirable profession at that time.

Some civil rights have been effectively getting created like there has been equality in front of the laws and all the careers have been effectively getting opened to the talents.

Some effective changes have been made in the political culture like there are liberty, fraternity, and equality in the society. Effectively rising of socialism takes place in the economy.

Finally, the French revolution gets to end at a time when there is rising off the Napoleon rule in the country France.


So, it could be effectively seen that as per the above-written article that the French revolution has been effective takes place in the country France due to various reason and there were various causes and reasons for the French revolution like the political reason, social reason, economic reason, and various others and it could also be effectively seen that the French revolution has a minor success in achieving its goals and objectives and also, on the other hand, it also has various failures and of the main reason for its failure is that the country not have an effective and the stable form of the government. This revolution was effectively getting unable to attain and protect the rights of the lower classes in the society. Overall, we could effectively state the French revolution has several successes as well as failures.