Selection Sort Algorithm Example


n ← length[A]
for j ← 1 to n - 1
do smallest ← j
for i ← j + 1 to n
do if A[i] < A[smallest]
then smallest ← i
exchange A[j] ↔ A[smallest]
selection sort example

Analysis of Selection Sort:

Analysis of Selection Sort


selection sort example 1

Example 2:

Example of selection sort:

925748on move 1st look for smallest in 1st to 6th swap 2nd with first giving
295748on move 2nd look for smallest in 2nd to 6th swap 5th with second giving
245798on move 3rd look for smallest in 3rd to 6th swap 3rd with third giving
245798on move 4th look for smallest in 4th to 6th swap 4th with fourth giving
245798on move 5th look for smallest in 5th to 6th swap 5th with 6th giving
245789Sorted sequence.

Example 3:

selection sort example 3

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