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In nursing, containment and conflict are important for hospital management and nursing practice. Few examples of conflict are the use of alcohol, aggression, self-harm, suicide whereas medication, coerced intramuscular medication, seclusion, manual restraint, special observation etc. falls under containment.

The Simple Form of Safewards Model

With the help of above examples, students can easily understand the factors affecting the conflict and containment rate in wards. Also, it compares the rate of conflict and containment between two or more wards. Our experts offering nursing assignment services have explained the related terms i.e. staff modifiers, patient modifiers, originating domains, conflict, flashpoints, and containment.

Staff modifiers - Here, staff modifiers is the act of the staffs in the way they take care of the environment and patients. Also, the staffs are responsible to interact with patients and analyse their conditions. It has the capacity to influence the containment and conflict frequency.

Patient modifiers - It can be defined as a way which deals with patient behaviour and responds towards each other.

Originating domains - If we talk about the psychiatric wards, it can be explained as a social and physical location which is very much different from patient's normal wards. It provides 24x7 mental health care to the patient which basically depends on voluntary and legal coercion. There are six different concepts of features that impact the conflict and containment frequency.

Flashpoints - Flashpoint has been described as a social and psychological situation which takes place from originating domains, signalling conflict behaviours and preceding imminent.

Conflict - Conflict is a term that deals with the behaviour of a patient which generally threatens the safety of others in various forms such as violence, suicide, self-harm, absconding, etc.

Containment - It deals with all the things performed by the staff to avoid conflict phases. Additionally, it reduces p.r.n. medication, seclusion, special observation, etc.

Questions For Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignments

Students can get hints to select topics for their safewards mental health practice assignments. The list of topics has been identified by our nursing assignment help by experts.

  • Critically review the literature that addressed the use of the Safewards Model in Mental Health.
  • Has using the Safewards Model in acute Mental health units improved Client engagement in promoting recovery?
  • Safewards Impact in Inpatient Mental Health Units in Victoria, Australia: Staff Perspectives
  • What things to be considered before Safewards training and implementation?

Different Ways To Reduce Conflict and Containment In Mental Health Practice

Students enrolled in the study of nursing and mental health must know they can control or reduce the containment and conflict among patients. Following points can help students in the reduction of conflict and containment in the study of mental health practice:

Physical Environment - This step focuses on the quality of the environment, cleanliness and other activities of the ward. The nursing staff can also make a change in the environment where the patient interacts with each other.

Staff Team - The implication of nursing intervention can bring a change to psychological understanding, moral commitments, emotional regulation, technical mastery and teamwork skill. These are the few terms which are helpful in reducing the rate of containment and conflict. As per the experts assisting students have explained two steps such as education and training and clinical supervision of the workers.

Outside Hospital - The nursing staffs are also required to get engage in a patients' life within the hospital and outside of the hospital as well. It has been seen that finance is an important factor which creates a lot of issues to students. Thus, staffs are required to make benefits system, money management and debts.

Beyond this, there are various things that a student must know if they are enrolled in nursing courses such as how to write assignments effectively, tips and tricks to write assignments etc.

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