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Autodesk Revit is one of the most important software to make the designs of any structure with proper visualization in a 3-dimensional viewpoint. Because of the easiness of use of this software and also the technicality of the software which makes the designs very much similar to the actual building. With the various processes and functions in the software makes designing any structure with great accuracy and also with the various use of items that can be found in the library of this software we can actually be able to design the interiors of the house as we want as well. This type of software can be used for interior designing as well. With the items present in the software are made for public, private, and commercial building this software is the one-stop process for all kinds of designing.

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The software has various options to make any type of structure as well as items as it needs to be made it one of the best software and friend to any civil engineer. Like AutoCAD, this software can be used to design 2 dimensional as well as 3-dimensional structures. It has thousands of items under its library to it is possible to design a fully furnished design of houses with various sanitary fittings, bathroom fitting, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, windows, doors, storage furniture, electricity fitting, water fitting, gas fitting, roofs, floors, etc.

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Well, we know that Autodesk Revit is a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technology software. The BIM has various advantages over the primitive way of designing, here are some of the reasons why BIM is more popular nowadays:

Rework Reduction: BIM reduces the rework on the project because as the design is made it is very easy to check for any mistakes in the design as the project continues. This not only reduces the time to complete the designing but also helps the fresher to get used to the designing process. In a survey of various project managers, it has been found that 80 percent of project managers implement BIM to increase the productivity of the project by about 23%. Also, the funds required for this software can be reacquired in just a few years of use making it free for use in almost 2-3 years. Big companies have now extensively use BIM for their project.

Clash reduction between client and company: AS the customers are able to see the house in 3-dimensional viewpoint, the clash between the customer and the company reduces greatly due to the fact that if any changes are required in the design, the customer can ask for it in the planning phase itself. This saves a lot of pressure for the business management and the customer handling team to make the customer happy with their work.

Saves time and money: With the use of BIM, the exact image of the building can be made which makes it easier for the construction team to build the house within the time period. This is because unlike the 2-Dimensional drawing the construction team knows exactly how the various parts will look, hence making it easier for them to command the workers and engineers. It also has the benefit of checking for any mistakes and mending it in time to reduce the time required to construct the structure hence in turn saving money as well.

Complex designs: With the use of BIM software it is possible to design in the planning stage very complex designs and also find if these types of structures will be safe enough to be made or not. Also, with these designs, it may be possible to make it possible to implement them in the future if the technology of building those types of buildings is not present at the moment. Also, since these types of projects can be saved digitally the time required to send it from one place to another is very less.

The BIM may be used to decide more than just the design of the structure but it can also be used for analysis, determining cost as well as time required to build the project. It gives a boost to the company as it comes with a wide range of functions which saves a lot of time as well which in turn saves money. The profit ratio of the companies increases considerably with the use of this software.

It can be clearly deduced that this software not only increases the productivity of the company but it also decreases the pressure on the various teams working on the project. It also saves lots of time by decreasing the level of planning required to make it a success. Revit is a software that is a part of the BIM being used mostly for the 3-dimensional visualization of the building. Also, it has the capability to show the floor plans of the building too. Revit over the years has improved hence making the life of designers easier. Also, with the various the huge library of materials and structures it can nearly show the designer the actual house or building or bridge that has to be made using this design.

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Autodesk Revit Sample Assignment Solved by Expert

Learning Outcomes
•	Understand the nature of computer aided design systems
•	Demonstrate a capability to manipulate CAD to produce various 2D design drawings
•	Outline the advantages of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
    technology in modern construction industry
•	Perform advanced skills in 3D CAD to produce complex building information models

Each student has to design a four-bedroom detached house which includes: a sitting room,
a dining room, a kitchen, 2/3 toilets/bathrooms, a main bedroom with en-suite, 3 double/single
bedrooms and a double garage. The overall floor area should be less than 200m2.
The house building has to be masonry structure with insulated cavity external walls,
timber-joist first floor and hipped/pitched roof. Each student has to choose proper
interior walls, windows and doors, and place appropriate furniture in each room.

The overall model of the house has to be produced in AutoCAD Revit with various 3D/perspective
views. The following drawings with proper dimensions have to be produced in the scale
of 1:50 and in A3 sheet with filled title panel.
-	All floor plans with scales, room title windows/door number dimensions on drawing sheets
-	4 elevations with annotation of external finish material and RWPs
-	2-5 sections with dimensions and levels and annotations of materials
-	2-5 assembly/part details with annotations of materials and assembly methods

Each student has to write a review report (around 1000 words) on the Revit/BIM
application process, advantages, current industrial implementation and so on.

Finally, all of 3D/prospective views, 2D drawings and a review report have to be
combined together as an A3 portfolio for online Blackboard submission.