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A Few Research Methods That Form The Core Of 1003 Psy Assessment

Case Study

Case Study is known to be the best qualitative research method. It is about observing a person or a group of individuals over a stretch of time. The recording of information or data is done through the interview taken by the researcher or by observing the individual’s behavior. Usually, this research method is implied to showcase how the principles of psychology have their presence in actual lives. During professional training, case studies are widely used research methods.


Though this can be broadly used for a combination of many methods, but here, it is used for a specific process. In the field of science, experiments are broadly used as a research method by pairing them with certain principles. The principles used are the presence of a group in which the individuals are not manipulated and the second one is the control of variables. This means that there should be no or minimum presence of extraneous data. It helps the psychologists to experiment again which is the core of reliable research.

Observational Study

The two types of observational study are controlled or naturalistic. Any observational study aims to explain a variable or a group of variables. This research can be used as a musing for other research that is for a single issue.


You can call survey a shotgun technique of research. This approach is highly subjective because it depends on self-reported data. And, this becomes the reason for involving multiple subjects in this kind of research. Surveys are quantitative methods in which random sampling is used and it is the only research method in the subject that uses randomness. The samples are carefully chosen in this research method.

Content Analysis

This research method is about observing media like TV ads, radio, and other print media to identify the recurring phrases and ideas. The mathematical data about the phrases and words are used to make this method quantitative which is used for studying stereotypes like patriarchy and sexuality. It can be used for the prediction of behavior in a certain population.

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How Are Statistics Used In Psychology?

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