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Reflection in literature refers to the description of a particular moment or scenario. You are required to write down your thoughts and perceptions of any particular event or incident. Even in case, when you do not feel that you are aware of every intricate detail of your weekly course, even with little details our experts will provide you the best reflective journal that would leave your faculty impressed. Therefore, there is no need to panic. Mostly to formulate an accurate reflective journal, article, or essay, you must be aware of your feelings and thoughts. However, you do not have to worry about that anymore because we, at Assignment Help Era Canada , understand that due to unprecedented stress, you often tend to miss out on the relevant observations of events. In case you missed out on some details, writing a good reflection will become more difficult. This problem can be easily sorted by taking reflection journal writing help from our seasoned experts.

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Prerequisites of a Professional Reflective Journal!

It is common for your professor to ask you to write a professional reflective journal by reflecting upon the observations of different weeks of your course. A professor intends to gauge whether you have observed the relevant information during particular weeks or not. Recollecting the memories of the past incidence, events or happenings comprises the reflective journal. You are required to reflect on the details of the events while stating the observations and learning’s for the same.

While writing a professional reflection, it is very important to follow an accurate structure to write the impact of that particular incident upon you.

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To create an appropriate professional reflective journal you must understand the characteristics of Gibbs’s reflective cycle.

  • Description- Under this head, you are required to meticulously describe the happenings of a particular event or incident.

  • Feelings- Under this heading, you are required to describe your feelings and emotions that occurred during that entire incident. You are required to inherently describe the details of your feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, and more. These feelings are the result of the happenings of the particular event under which you took part.

  • Evaluation- Now after describing the feelings you are required to evaluate the entire scenario. You are required to write down the implications of your learning during that particular incident or week and what impact it would have created if applicable in practical life.

  • Analysis - This is one of the major parts of your reflective journal. If you have attended a week of learning where you were taught about the existence of domestic violence and slavery, you are required to analyze the observations of that week into the happening of the society. If you are taught some of the strategies to combat these issues, then also you must reflect upon the analysis of those strategies and its implications in real life.

  • Conclusion- Under this, you will conclude every aspect of the incident. Here, you conclude your learnings, experiences, and reflection. You would need to provide the insights of your introspection process and the outcomes of it.

  • Action plan - Lastly the Gibbs reflective cycle will get complete once you formulate a solid action. The action plan comprises a set of ideas and strategies that you will use if any such situation comes across to you in a practical sense.

As earlier said you do not have to stress upon these heads of your reflection because in case you are still not clear, we will provide you reflection journal writing help. These samples will give you a clear picture of what has to be incorporated in your reflective journal.

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Often, reflection writing solicits one to frame one’s professional perceptions. If you are working as a scholar, social worker, physician, nurse anything else, writing reflection would need a proper approach. Being a student if you are not able to cope up with the understanding of a particular field then you can always refer to the reflection journal writing samples provided by us. However, we will still recommend you to take direct guidance from the experts to avoid any confusion.

These are a few of the questions handled by our experts.

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If you are aiming to achieve incredible scores for your reflective journal when there are certain things that you must keep into your mind. You must note down the main happening of a particular event. Accordingly, you have to chart things out. Unlike any article or essay, a professional reflective journal incorporates a thesis statement that explains the happenings of a particular event as well as the conclusion.

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Our list of subjects or services is not exhaustive; instead, we assist with every topic you come up with. As we have already said that you might come up with a reflection irrespective of any field of subjects like engineering, sociology, medicine, management, law, and much more. Even If you come up to us with the reflection that involves the analysis of the workplace, you’d get an impressive solution written by us!

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Firstly we will list down the objectives of the workplace. These requirements will be inclusive of the monetary aspect as well as human resources. Identifying the risk existing in the workplace and its impact upon the environment will play a crucial role while writing a perfect professional reflective journal for you. The experts of Assignment Help Era sales have experience of more than ten years of writing reflective journals for many students all across the globe. This experience had provided the expertise of digging down into the nitty-gritty of writing a good reflection. It is important that you must not only rely upon the negative impact but must also outline the benefits of any happenings of an incident.

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